05 February 2017


After marriage, I felt like I needed extra care to my hair. I didn't need just to feel good, but I need to look good too since I have someone to impress now. 😉 I've tried various hair products which I feel good using, but it doesn't really have the complete package to make my hair look good as I want it too. Going to salons are expensive and I couldn't really afford frequent visits, so I had to find a cheaper alternative. This is when the Limited Edition Hair Box from Althea caught my attention. Wanna know why? Keep on reading.

Althea Korea has recently been coming out with Limited Edition Beauty Boxes which comes out a few every month. I know you might thinking of subscription based Beauty Boxes that you can find so easily now, but Althea is one step ahead from this Beauty Boxes because it deducts the most unwanted feature of typical Beauty Boxes, which is SUBSCRIPTION.
I believe that some of you get turned off when it comes to subscription based since shopping may not be one of your main priorities. Like for me, I only spend when I have to and I take a whole lot of thinking when it comes to it.
Like most Beauty Boxes, Althea comes out with new Beauty Boxes every time they release it. But the best part is that they give full size products and detailed descriptions on what we will be receiving in the box. You can check out the link for Althea's Hair Box here: Hair Box
They don't really have a specific date to when boxes will be released, so if you are interested, you may need to recently check Althea's Website or allow push notifications on your devices so you'll never miss it.

Coming back to the Hair Box, the purpose why I got attracted to the hair box was of course I need a cheaper way to get my hair looking good and at the same time too, my husband loves pampering his hair too! 😂 He takes care of his hair better than me, which makes me more embarrassed of my hair. So when the Hair Box arrived and I opened in, he got excited as well (which is a good sign to get more in the future) LOL... There were 7 hair products completely packed inside the box all neatly wrapped in bubble wraps which got may husband more eager to do the unboxing rather than me. I could tell that the box first appearance impressed him a lot.

Forgive me if this post seems a bit to messy, I'm finding my writing style again after a few months break. So let's see what we have inside the box. 

1. Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo 

This shampoo seems to be pretty famous among Althea customers and I have always wondered why. When I took this in into our bathroom, the first person who used is was no other than my husband. He came out of the shower and instantly gave his review on this. (I didn't ask him to 😏) 
"Sayang, sejuk eh shampoo tu, best gila kulit kepala" "rasa macam segar gila, betul betul mint ke tu?" LOL... His reaction made me laugh so hard, so I gave it a try for myself too and indeed I felt the same way too. The shampoo's texture is very light and it has a soft minty scent to it. Applying it did create a generous amount of bubbles but the sensation comes once you got your head covered up with shampoo and rinsed off with water. Your scalp feels like its finally breathing and it felt so refreshed.
I've been using this shampoo ever since and the packaging is not nice and clean too, I'll think I may need to stock up a few more of this shampoo at home.

2. Piolang Raspberry Hair Vinegar (500ml)

This Hair Vinegar has been on my wish list since last year. I've seen a lot of comments on how good this hair vinegar is and got me excited to try this one out as soon as I got it. My husband asked how to use it and what does it do, since this is not a product that everyone is familiar with.
Well this hair vinegar seems to help your hair problems heal, by applying it everyday to your wet scalp after shampoo then rinse it of again with water. You could also apply it to your hair, so no problem.
When you think of vinegar, I know you may think of a strong stinky smell, but this one smells like raspberries, even my husband approves it and he hates weird stuff. Both of us used it and both of us loved it! The packaging is neat and simple and the product comes out easily too. There packaging is just right. Usually I'll get tangled hair after shampoo without using a conditioner, but this solves the problem. This product may just be the solution to not using conditioner anymore since it's not really good for your scalp. Honestly I have not been using any conditioner since I used this hair vinegar and my hair condition has totally approved.

3. Merit Perfume Graphy Leave On Treatment (150ml)

There are some products in Limited Edition Boxes that you may not found sold individually in Althea. For the hair box, one of it is this hair perfume from Merit. Honestly at the first glance of this product I was not so keen of it, since the design look too simple and I couldn't really understand what it was. The design of the packaging didn't really sent out the message well of what product it contained if you don't understand Korean.
But, my first perception of the product totally changed once I used it and searched on Althea on how to use this product. After shower, I applied this to my damp hair and it smells AMAZING! I really love the scent, honestly. The packaging of the product was perfect, except for the lousy design. I had no problem getting the right amount from it.
The texture of the product is so smooth and it is not oily, well you may feel a little oil to it but it's not uncomfortably sticky. This product is made from 12 great ingredients which makes you feel that this product really is something. 
After applying, my hair feels so soft and it helps with tangled hair too. The fragrance is just to die for, even my husband loves it and it lasts for a really long time. This product really helped boosted up my mood every time I get a scent of my hair.


This Biotin Oil is something to look forward to too since it's purpose is to save your damaged hair. It contains hair vitamins for your hair to lock moisture and supply the nutrients needed to get your hair voluminous and healthy. This product could be used on either dry or wet hair and functions almost the same as Merit's Perfume Graphy. Comparing both of these products together, I would say I would choose the Leve On Treatment rather than Biotin's Hair Oil because of the scent. The Hair smells a bit like jasmine which I don't really like, but function wise, I do love how smooth my hair gets after use the Biotin hair oil.
It has now become a habit for me using the Biotin hair oil once I dried my hair under the hair dryer. It gives back the shape and the smoothness of the hair once applied and I love the feeling. The only turn down is the scent since I don't really prefer the Jasmine scent. It's not that it smells bad, but it's just my preference of the scent of the product. But still, the scent does not restrain me from using the product since it's a really good product and does not get your hair greasy and sticky even after a long day with a headscarf on.
Packaging on the other hand is just nice, even the pump works well and get out the right amount of oil needed.

5. Missha Senseful Lady Hair Mist Sensual Musk (100ml)

This is another product not sold individually in Althea so the only way to get is through the hair box. There is not much to say about this Hair Mist except that it has a really lovely design. This is a really nice product to show off and to have it in your carry on bag. But the turn down of this product is that it does not really have much use to me since I wear a headscarf when I go out. This product is supposed to be a quick solution to clean up your frizzy hair on a long day.
The scent is quite nice too but not as nice as the Leave On Treatment from Merit. I asked my husband if he wants to use it, but he does not prefer the scent either. I'm just keeping it for the packaging design which is really pretty. 😝

6. RiRe Scalp Scailing Program

To get healthy hair, the scalp must be taken care off too and having the Rire Scalp Scaling Progam included is worth to be looked forward too. I sometime have dry scalp which makes my hair become itchy especially wearing a headscarf under hot weather. This results in dandruff and it's embarrassing since my husband has no problem at all with his hair. I just tried out this Scalp product for the sake of trying because I wasn't really having the feel to try it out. There was no special feel to it especially as you look at the packaging. It doesn't really suite the name though.
The 3 massage balls on top was the purpose why I tried it out and once again it changed my perception of the product. Once applied to the scalp, I felt an instant cooling sensation, it felt great! It was way cooler than the mint shampoo. An instant freshness to the head and I loved it. Since then I used it almost everyday and it's almost gone now. My dandruff problems seems to be gone but I'm not exactly sure if it is because of this. I just love the sensation feeling once applied the product to the scalp.

7. KOCOSTAR GGONG JI Hair Pack (8ml)

Lastly, its the famous Hair Pack from Kocostar. I've seen a lot of reviews about this product and it seems a product worth to try. I took time to actually use the Hair Pack since the packaging is too nice to be torn. 😓

First glance it kinda looked like baby diapers but when I had it on, it looked pretty nice. Almost like a hair accessory but I wore it wrong, so check out Althea's website for a proper picture on how to wear it. The advisable time to wear it is minimum 30 minutes but you could wear it up to hours for a better effect, so that the serum could be fully absorbed into the hair. I wore it about an hour and the ends of my hair really did see instant improvement.

Overall I find this box really value for money. This box is worth RM300+ but only sold for RM100 in Althea. Currently the Hair Box is Out of Stock from Althea and the chances for it to get restocked again are really low. This is because Limited Edition Boxes are special boxes curated, and once it gone, it could be gone forever. That's why it's called limited, so not every person could own it. You'll have to be fast when you purchase the a limited edition box since you are fighting with people from  5 countries.

For regular customers in Althea, they don't think twice anymore to get a limited edition box since the price is super cheap compared if you purchase the products individually so it is sometimes seen always out of stock even though the promotion banner is still on the main website. The tip is, if the banner is still on the website, the chances of the box to be in stock again could be high. They may have limited the box availability per day, so try checking out stocks around 10am to 12pm while the promotion is still ongoing. But if you don't seem to find it in stock, then it's just not your luck.
Check out more of their limited edition boxes here: Althea Limited Edition Boxes

Till then peeps!

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