01 February 2017


It's Feb 2017! I know I've been MIA so long. But you all know that I had a big change in life. A really big change so it's kinda hard to adjust and get used to it. I have to arrange everything back in order again, get the rhythm of my daily routines and balance between my new life and my blog.
Now known as Mrs, I felt like I just entered a whole new universe. I have more responsibilities to take care off and I have to be more cautions on my future plannings. I have so much I need and want to do, but right now I'm still having a hard time to get everything in place.
Before this I had time for myself, but now finding half an hour for myself is already a big challenge. I'm not complaining, it's just needs time to get used too.

2016 was quite a ride and many important events took place too. I could say that 2016 has been one of my best years so far. So let's start on several things that highlighted my 2016.

1. Finished My Studies
Finally on the middle of January I ended my studies! After like a lifetime studying I'm out from the student world. LOL... I couldn't wait to end my studies I don't know why. Maybe because of random assignments and spending money to print it. I think I spent a fortune on printing assignments and projects only. The feeling felt great!

2. Dirisik
I'm not sure what 'risik' is in English but this is a tradition for the Malays. My dad has always said, 'Kau nak kahwin, habiskan degree dulu', and yes he did keep his word. Just after I ended my last day of Degree, ayah called Syafiq home and told him to send his party over. A month after that, his family came and had a talk with my family.

3. Started My First Job
A week after my last semester, I had to already report to duty. Yes, it seemed too soon while everyone else was still on holiday mood I made sure that I started working already. My first job was as a customer service executive in a pretty big offset company. I was the youngest accepted there and it kinda took time for me to blend in. I found out later that the job did not really fit me, I was unhappy and I felt like I had no pleasure with my life. Most of the nights I was depressed so I sent out my resume like crazy again, like I did last time during my studies.

4. Got Another Job
2 months later I changed to a new job in a pretty well known cosmetic company as a Social Media Executive. This was something that I wanted to do and yes I changed my field completely. Well, as a blogger, I don't think I really escaped from somthing I'm used to do right? 😉 This job was fun for the first few weeks and then it started to go sour. Why? Well, let's say that it's not as healthy as I expected it to be. So once again I searched for a new solution. I couldn't afford to be jobless even for a month, so I quitted only after I found another job.

5. Engaged
I got engaged to my 5 year boyfriend on my birthday 1st May! So finally it was official. I made a post on my engagement before, you guys could check it our here: Engaged

6. Found 'THE' Job
A day after my engagement, I right away reported to a new job. I really hoped that this would be my last job for this year and everything would turn out well. Unexpectedly, it was beyond than great and I'm still here! For those who know me, will know which Korean beauty company I work for and why it's the best job I ever had. Enough said.

7. Graduation
I really thought that my graduation would be next year, but it came at the end of the year which made 2016 a really memorable year. My student title was officially over once I received the scroll but I didn't get first class though, I was so close but yet it was never ment for me. 😂

8. My Wedding Day
The day that we have waited all year finally came! I didn't really write any posts about my wedding and I regret it so much. But there's a video off it, so I'll write about my wedding sometime when I'm free after this.

Overall that's pretty much how my 2016 went. I know everyone does this on January but I'm only writing this on February. Forgive me dear blog, I'ved been beating the bush a lot. 😭
That's all peeps!

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