26 February 2017


Hey guys, I'm back! Are you one of those people that depends everything online? Well I could say I'm guilty as charged. I'm the type that will try my best to find a solution to not go to a shop or a counter. The introvert side of me (well let's be real and say my lazy side) does not really prefer the hassle. During my studies years as example, I'll try my best to think of ways to get other people to print my assignments for me but not every time I get to do that. During my final year projects, I had a few mass produce prints that I had to print out and going to printing store was annoying then ever. Trust me not all printing shops here in Malaysia are that comfortable, wish that I have discovered Gogoprint back then. And what is that? Well keep on reading.

09 February 2017


It's been a while since I posted about makeup, I certainly miss writing about makeup since it easily excites me. Just like when I received this cute Canmake Tokyo makeup kit! This is one of the cutest makeup kits that I have ever owned. The first glimpse of the packaging already explains the cuteness of this makeup kit with 6 products nicely packed in a petite box. Honestly, I'm not really familiar with  Canmake, I've heard about them before but never actually tried their products. As far as I remember, this is my first time owning Canmake products, so my review will be based on a first timers opinion. Keep on reading if you want to know more.

07 February 2017


As most of you know, aku sudahpun bergelar isteri orang dah 3 bulan. Sebenarnya aku dah separuh draft post ni sebelum kahwin lagi, tapi sibuk tak sempat nak siapkan, so aku sambung je untuk proses lepas nikah macam mana.
Untuk mudah faham aku senaraikan dalam bentuk point. Tapi semua langkah ni dari pandangan aku je, tak perlu ikut turutan aku betul-betul.

06 February 2017


I remembered during my early days into makeup and beauty stuff I didn't really have much to play with. I had a makeup palette an a few lipsticks, and the only brush I owned is the one provided in the eyeshadow palette. Then later I got brushes as gifts, cheap ones that doesn't really do much now but still did manage to help me back then. I found out that makeup brushes offered in the Malaysian market that time was quite expensive for me. I also found out that as Muslims, you can't just simply use any type of brush, since you'll never know where the sources of the brush bristles are from. Soon I had a few brushes that I was able to collect, but still I didn't own any branded brushes since I still feel that it's too expensive. This is where Breena Beauty comes in. Read on to know why.

05 February 2017


After marriage, I felt like I needed extra care to my hair. I didn't need just to feel good, but I need to look good too since I have someone to impress now. 😉 I've tried various hair products which I feel good using, but it doesn't really have the complete package to make my hair look good as I want it too. Going to salons are expensive and I couldn't really afford frequent visits, so I had to find a cheaper alternative. This is when the Limited Edition Hair Box from Althea caught my attention. Wanna know why? Keep on reading.

01 February 2017


It's Feb 2017! I know I've been MIA so long. But you all know that I had a big change in life. A really big change so it's kinda hard to adjust and get used to it. I have to arrange everything back in order again, get the rhythm of my daily routines and balance between my new life and my blog.
Now known as Mrs, I felt like I just entered a whole new universe. I have more responsibilities to take care off and I have to be more cautions on my future plannings. I have so much I need and want to do, but right now I'm still having a hard time to get everything in place.
Before this I had time for myself, but now finding half an hour for myself is already a big challenge. I'm not complaining, it's just needs time to get used too.