20 November 2017


Hey peeps, this is something very new posted up on my blog right? Well thanks to Pigeon Malaysia, my journey as a parenting blogger has just started. This post is just an introductory post since I received a lot of feedback from most of you after watching my Insta-story that I posted about this. I know most of you are curious about it already but I'm unable to give a review about it yet since my baby is still nesting inside me. But it's already time to be prepared and Pigeon helped me with it too! Read on more to know what things you may need for your newborn.

17 November 2017


As most of you know I'm reaching to the end of my pregnancy, just a few weeks to go but it could pop out anytime soon as my baby's position is already at the right place. For those yang ada jumpa aku memang nampak sangat aku dah sarat sangat dah. Yes, my belly is huge. I get strangers passing by asking me if I'm doing okay, looking worried like my baby will just fall out while walking. LOL... But I don't blame them cause I walk really slow with hands at the bottom of my belly to support the pressure. Well, at least this week I managed to get some rest.

16 November 2017


Hey, peeps, it's been ages since I wanted to post out this video and it took me about 6 months to do it too but I at least I got a 6-month testimony review on the results of this electric toothbrush from Philips. Anyways, I received this toothbrush from Philips when it launched, it's their newest electric toothbrush range called Sonicare DiamondClean which main priority is to focus on oral health care which most of us take for granted. From the video above there isn't much information that about the toothbrush, so I'll be writing a detailed review on the toothbrush here. Keep on reading because you might regret not knowing further.

15 November 2017


I just had to write about this! If you have been following me on my social media you would know that recently my team had a surprise baby shower for me and me being me, I never suspected it even though it seems they had it planned for quite a while. The mastermind behind it, of course, is no other than my boss +Tammy Lim , you know she's a professional when it comes to surprises like this. I bet most of you who knows her, knows how well she organizes events and having a happening team included made the party more memorable.

13 November 2017


Hey, guys, I received this special homemade soap the end of last year and oh my, it took me almost a year to update about this. So yet here's another post for #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS. Nora Beauty Shop sent me one of their best sellers the Mint Green Tea bar soap which is said to own a lot of beneficial properties as good as drinking it. It was sent to me in a cute little paper bag and tied with a ribbon. Made it look vintage suitable with their homemade theme. Read on if you wanna know more.

06 November 2017


Hey peeps, I'm already reaching near the end of my pregnancy. Can't believe it's almost 9 months now and now since it's coming to an end I feel so much more nervous now. I'm stuck being still wanting to be pregnant and having the baby delivered soon. I want it to be over quickly so I could finally meet the little one but at the same time, I wanna cherish the feel of it carrying it always with me closely.

The third trimester has not been treating me well, except I could now see my baby moving from the outside and it's stronger and frequent now. I feel happy every time this happens even though it gets a bit uncomfortable during certain timeIt'sIts very active when I sit down or lay down especially at night. Mostly my rest time is like playtime for it. Lol... but I get entertained seeing its moving patterns. It's more aggressive if I'm hungry which it won't stop until I eat something.

26 October 2017


Here's another #THROWBACKBEAUTYPRODUCTS post and this was taken late 2015. Anyways, I used to love L'Oreal products, owned a few of them and even have my own collection on my blog here: CHECK IT OUT HERE. It's a bit dusty now since I no longer have many products to share. LOL... Anyways, the L'Oreal Paris Lucent Magique Primer was the first ever primer that I have owned and used for quite sometime before I came over it after a while. Read on to know the deets.

25 October 2017


Honestly, guys, these pictures have been in my draft for the longest time and but I still wanna share it. After my previous post on the other range of Makeup Revolution's Vamp Shade Lipsticks, now I take another year to write about the other range which is the Scandalous Lipsticks. I know what's the point of sharing it now but I don't wanna waste my pictures and I'm trying to clear my backlogs drafts. Besides, these lipsticks were bought by my own money, it's just that I was super ambitious back then when I wanted to blog about every makeup product that I own. LOL... Obviously, I didn't manage to do such a good job but keep on reading to see some of my work using these lipsticks.

22 October 2017


Mamonde's Floral Hydro range comes with the power of the narcissus bulb. If you're not familiar with the word narcissus, it's actually daffodils. Yes, this beautiful flower that symbols hope and peace today is the main star on Mamond's Hydro range. Did you know that in London they also have a daffodil day and we celebrated this in school too. I can't really remember but it was supposed to remind about an event that happened before, something about their history. What they do is, they sit quietly for a while without having any interaction with people. Something like that, I was a kid that time so forgive me if I'm wrong as I can't really remember the exact details but I do remember the lovely daffodil badges we get during that day. Anyways, daffodils are really lovely flowers indeed, so read on if you wanna know the goodness that contains in this flower.

21 October 2017


It has been my dream to have a house of my own and live the way I want it to be. I left my parents home when I did my Diploma and since then I started adjusting living on my own. I only come back on weekends and because of that, I don't have my personal space anymore. I started renting rooms after diploma when I worked while I was waiting for my Degree and from there I learnt surviving skills. Now I'm married and processing a baby along the way, and after 10 months hitched, we've finally decided that our little family should start living on our own. Sounds scary... well for us.

20 October 2017


Mamonde surely did surprise me when this came in the mail. Okay gonna be honest here but since I got pregnant makeup just didn't excite me as much before but it did feel good when I was given something new to explore. I actually didn't expect to receive this in the mail and when it came I was pleased by the cute packaging and the surprise inside. I received Mamonde's new Flower Pop Eye Brick palette and Flower Pop Blusher, and after having a closer look at the products, I just had to swatch them instantly. So I did. Keep on reading to know more.

16 October 2017


I've been wanting to share about this for a while already but had to postpone it since something unplanned kept me occupied the last couple of weeks so I've been so busy to even open up my laptop. If you follow me on Instagram and saw my stories you might have figured it out already but if you don't, I'm gonna share the news to you soon as it's also a big change to my life as well.  Heee.. You could tell how excited I am already right? Anyways back to the topic, on my 24th week of pregnancy, my husband and I decided to get a detailed scan for our baby since we are first time parents and we've been eager to see our baby. To be honest it was me actually so I kept out on a look for promotions on this and finally, I found one just nearby our home. For more deets keep on reading.

26 August 2017


Thank you Mentholatum for being a great help towards my pregnancy journey. Lol... I received so much lip balms from them until I had a hard time to choose which one to use first. Currently, I'm having really bad chapped lips, I used to have them before but when I got pregnant it became drier and I had to carry a lip balm everywhere. My current lip balm was the normal range of lip ice and it ran out just in time when these lip balms came in the mail. When I opened it I saw Miney ears popping out and got excited instantly. Keep on reading to know more.

20 August 2017


Hey peeps, as most of you know me, I'm not blessed with a V-shaped chin which everyone nowadays wishes for. I have a round face which clearly shows my double chin especially when I put on weight. Lol... I think I've been fighting with this since forever, I just can't get my ideal weight back and this worried me the most during my wedding preparations. This was one I was going obsessed with V-shaped chin masks and during that time Sephora so happened to introduce me what they have. So check out my shopping haul from Sephora especially on V-Shaped Neck Masks that they offer.

19 August 2017


I can't believe that I'm already in my 6th month of pregnancy. Changes are clearly seen day by day now and now I obviously look like a pregnant woman who gets priority seatings on public transports. Well, most of the time. I feel like a different person and look very different too. Well, most of you could see that already. These pregnancy hormones are overwhelming. So here is my journey so far.

13 August 2017


Lipsticks are like my holy grail when it comes to makeup. I could give up anything else but not lipsticks. It's one of the items that I can never have enough, even though some may say I already have the same colour. Well, I bet most of you lip junkies out there will say, there is never one the same, it's a different brand. Since Colourpop made its way to Malaysia, liquid lipsticks have become an obsession and a few years later we see local brands coming out with liquid lipsticks as well. Not complaining, it's actually great! One of the brands is Orkid Cosmetics and I've been itchy to try it out since I knew their existence. Thanks to The Butterfly Project, I received a few in their Birthday Goodie Bag. Keep on reading to know more.

12 August 2017


Girls I know that most of you now are obsessed with magical objects inspired by unicorns, mermaids, fairies and all creatures from the magical realm. I plead myself guilty too as I cannot control myself as a muggle born when I come across the world of magic. LOL... I've been craving for magical wands but I got unicorn horns instead which of course no unicorns were harmed during the process. Remember, it's the highest level of dark magic if you kill a unicorn to benefit from them. Hehe... Okay, enough joking around, and let us take the time to admire the beauty of Unicorn Makeup Brushes by Witchery Malaysia. I received their eye set in The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday Bag, so let's take a closer look at these magical brushes.
Keep on reading peeps.

10 August 2017


Hey, peeps! In March was The Butterfly Project's 4th Birthday party and proudly saying, yours truly have been a member of this beauty community since the first year. Without The Butterfly Project, I may not be into the beauty category that much because starting from this community did I only start to mingle with beauty bloggers and have the opportunity to do so. The Butterfly Project contributed a lot to my early stages as a blogger, and yes I started out as a caterpillar as well but still not sure if I changed into a butterfly yet or just a moth. LOL... Anyways, Congratulations to +Tammy Lim founder of The Butterfly Project that worked so hard to maintain the community and I could expect more years to come! So today's post I'm revealing what I received during TBP's 4th Birthday Party inside the special edition butterfly bag. Keep on reading.

05 August 2017


There are millions of bath & body care for you to choose from in the market. But what differentiates it with one another? As you know most products in the market nowadays contains harmful chemicals which may not be seeing side effect instantly but you'll happen to see it soon if you don't make a change. Probably that's why most people now are turning to organic products which may be a bit pricey but people are still okay with it. Why? Well, Jerlynn'L is one of those organic brand offered in Malaysia and I have been using this brand for months now. Read more to know how I feel about this brand.

30 July 2017


Hey peeps, if you've been following me on Instagram you would know that a few months ago I went to Tambun with my colleagues 'Althea's Glam Squad #GlamSquadOnVacay.
Every month we'll have a team bonding session which is one of the perks of us working there. We usually have buffets or eat at a fancy restaurant but we have always wanted to go on a trip together. So having a super awesome boss, she made the trip happened and we were more excited than ever! Thanks to Bus Ticket Online too because without them, our trip might still be possible but it sure would be a hassle. Check out our transportation to our very first team bonding trip, so keep on reading.

25 July 2017


Hey peeps, here's another one of my #ThrowBackBeautyProducts posts. It has been a while and I've always wanted to share about this. The Shizens Double Auto Eyebrow was one of my favourite eyebrow products from last 5 years. It's also one of the first brow products that made me into brows. Why? Keep on reading.

21 July 2017


Caprilicious could be an annual thing for me now everytime Ramadan comes. Yes I know this entry has been so late! But I'm not at ease until I get this posted since it is a waste if I don't share with you guys what Capri has to offer. Located in Bangsar just beside Nexus Bangsar, you'll find this serviced residense standing tall. On the ground floor you'll be able to see Caprilicious from the side of the road. Keep on reading for the full details.

19 July 2017


I bet a lot of you have problems with pores. Blackheads and whiteheads are just the same nuisances. Well here is something that might turn that have into a had after a while of usage. Yes, the b.liv by cellinique 'off with those heads' will be able to help you out easily. Keep on reading for more details.


Have you all ever tried Instagram shopping? There are a lot of selections you could find on Instagram compared to the one sold in stores. But it's quite a hassle. Why? Well, let's say, the internet is not that safe and the possibility to get scammed is very high. Hence, research should be done when you shop online especially when Instagram itself is not a specialised shopping platform. That's where Pocket Mall comes to the rescue. Wanna know what's good about it? Keep on reading.

17 July 2017


Hey peeps, it has been a while! Again I have lost it.
No matter how many times I've been determined to keep my blog alive, something happens and this time it's something that's gonna change me forever. Which you all may already know. First of all, I'm truly sorry, especially to my readers and clients. I'll try my best to make it up to all of you. I'm ashamed of myself and I do know that going MIA suddenly is not a good behaviour. Before I start posting up my normal posts again, let me share with you how I have been doing lately.

23 April 2017


Hey peeps, just a short post today. Check out my latest video that I did for fun with my husband. 😅
We were on vacation when we recorded this and it was raining outside, so this video came out unplanned as we were stuck in our room. I also wanted to try out some new video editing tricks that I learnt from Youtube, so this video was an experiment as well. I still need a lot of practice though. Tell me what you think and how I could improve my channel more.

Till then peeps.

22 April 2017


Here is the story of #MyTravelAdventure. I'm not sure how many times I said this but I'm sure for those who have been following me you would know that I have made a deal with my husband. And what deal is that? Well, I always dreamt of travelling here and there but I didn't have many chances when I was single due to many reasons. My boyfriend before which is now my husband spent his single day's backpacking and going to places and I envied him so much. Him knowing about this lead him into sweet talking me before we got married. He promised after we get married we will go travel somewhere once a month until I get bored of it. So our story goes like this:

18 April 2017


Hey, guys, I have had these TEA selections for a while now, well actually I received them late last year. So I'll be honest with you all that I just tried only 2 products from the range mentioned. The Tea Bird Tea is from a company called Balcony Bloomer which originates from Australia but they also ship from Singapore. This tea range focuses on helping our body work more effectively. I received their 5 Day Teatox & Scrub set and it consists off Green Tea, Liver Detox, Colon Cleanse and a Coffee Scrub which this set's main focus is to help you slim down. If you're curious to know if I managed to slim down, keep on reading.

14 April 2017


If you are looking for an excellent place to meet up with a couple of your close friends, probably a date night out or maybe you just want to try out something different, I suggest you Marco's Creative Cuisine located in 1 Utama. The ambience of the restaurant itself will make you feel this is the right place to meet up as soon as you walk in. If you're with friends, you'll surely be thinking of all the beautiful shots you could take together, and if you're with a date, (either new or old 😏) you'll surely have a lot to talk about with a nice surrounding to support you. Wonder why? Keep on reading.

10 April 2017


Hey, peeps, here's another one of my #ThrowbackBeautyProducts post today. So I received this cushion concealer as a door gift probably two years ago. If you just landed on my blog and wondering why I just posted out the review of the product today, well your questions will be answered if you read this.
Laneige was popular back then, and I remember bloggers were talking about it all the time. I was invited to some of their events too and managed to get a few products from them as door gifts. If you're wondering do, I still use this product? Keep on reading.

07 April 2017


Hey guys, this is my first post for #ThrowbackBeautyProducts. LOL... This was Laneige's 3rd cushion generation that came out last year. I was invited to the launch here in Malaysia and yet I have not posted about it. Yes, so bad! I know... I think I have been intending to write about this cushion a lot of times but I always end up with one paragraph and go completely lost. Since this is just a 'Throwback review' I'm just gonna share my opinions and not go in completely detailed about the product.

06 April 2017


Hey, guys, I'm back and I'm trying my best to be on track this time. I know I have said this so many times but still, I'm still stuck where I started. So recently I have been motivating myself that I should do more and really stop giving excuses and here is me trying to do so. I'm currently using my free time to learn some new things and read contents that are related to my field. Since my job scope is merely in the same field as my hobby right now, I feel I should strengthen my knowledge so that I could grow my career further.

05 April 2017


Hey guys, again it has been a while since my last post. This is because I was frustrated with myself, after drafting for hours I accidently deleted it. LIFE!!! I felt like punching someone. So now I'm rewriting the post again but probably a shorter one than before. From the title, you'll probably have guessed what this post is about. Keep on reading if you're curious.

20 March 2017


Hey peeps, if you have been following me on Instagram you would have already known that my husband and I went to Pangkor Laut for our Honeymoon. I have been wanting to write about this for ages but it seems that marriage life is more occupying than I have imagined it to be. So finally I'm sneaking a bit of my time to share some of the memories I have there. And if you are planning a honeymoon yourself, this place should have already been on your list. So keep on reading for our 3D2N paradise experience.

26 February 2017


Hey guys, I'm back! Are you one of those people that depends everything online? Well I could say I'm guilty as charged. I'm the type that will try my best to find a solution to not go to a shop or a counter. The introvert side of me (well let's be real and say my lazy side) does not really prefer the hassle. During my studies years as example, I'll try my best to think of ways to get other people to print my assignments for me but not every time I get to do that. During my final year projects, I had a few mass produce prints that I had to print out and going to printing store was annoying then ever. Trust me not all printing shops here in Malaysia are that comfortable, wish that I have discovered Gogoprint back then. And what is that? Well keep on reading.

09 February 2017


It's been a while since I posted about makeup, I certainly miss writing about makeup since it easily excites me. Just like when I received this cute Canmake Tokyo makeup kit! This is one of the cutest makeup kits that I have ever owned. The first glimpse of the packaging already explains the cuteness of this makeup kit with 6 products nicely packed in a petite box. Honestly, I'm not really familiar with  Canmake, I've heard about them before but never actually tried their products. As far as I remember, this is my first time owning Canmake products, so my review will be based on a first timers opinion. Keep on reading if you want to know more.

07 February 2017


As most of you know, aku sudahpun bergelar isteri orang dah 3 bulan. Sebenarnya aku dah separuh draft post ni sebelum kahwin lagi, tapi sibuk tak sempat nak siapkan, so aku sambung je untuk proses lepas nikah macam mana.
Untuk mudah faham aku senaraikan dalam bentuk point. Tapi semua langkah ni dari pandangan aku je, tak perlu ikut turutan aku betul-betul.

06 February 2017


I remembered during my early days into makeup and beauty stuff I didn't really have much to play with. I had a makeup palette an a few lipsticks, and the only brush I owned is the one provided in the eyeshadow palette. Then later I got brushes as gifts, cheap ones that doesn't really do much now but still did manage to help me back then. I found out that makeup brushes offered in the Malaysian market that time was quite expensive for me. I also found out that as Muslims, you can't just simply use any type of brush, since you'll never know where the sources of the brush bristles are from. Soon I had a few brushes that I was able to collect, but still I didn't own any branded brushes since I still feel that it's too expensive. This is where Breena Beauty comes in. Read on to know why.

05 February 2017


After marriage, I felt like I needed extra care to my hair. I didn't need just to feel good, but I need to look good too since I have someone to impress now. 😉 I've tried various hair products which I feel good using, but it doesn't really have the complete package to make my hair look good as I want it too. Going to salons are expensive and I couldn't really afford frequent visits, so I had to find a cheaper alternative. This is when the Limited Edition Hair Box from Althea caught my attention. Wanna know why? Keep on reading.

01 February 2017


It's Feb 2017! I know I've been MIA so long. But you all know that I had a big change in life. A really big change so it's kinda hard to adjust and get used to it. I have to arrange everything back in order again, get the rhythm of my daily routines and balance between my new life and my blog.
Now known as Mrs, I felt like I just entered a whole new universe. I have more responsibilities to take care off and I have to be more cautions on my future plannings. I have so much I need and want to do, but right now I'm still having a hard time to get everything in place.
Before this I had time for myself, but now finding half an hour for myself is already a big challenge. I'm not complaining, it's just needs time to get used too.