15 November 2016


Hey peeps! If you have been looking closely, I changed my glasses about 2 months ago from those big pororo glasses I used to wear. LOL... There is actually a story why I started wearing those glasses but trust I just thought I'll be wearing that for only 2 months, ended up for about 2 years. Hehe... To make things clear, my mum hated those glasses and kept telling me to change to square frames like I used to wear before. But being me, I've always been stubborn and wanted something a little more different. I agree now that my old frames were over sized but I kinda liked that shaped so I kept postponing to change frames because I couldn't find a frame that was almost similar. Until finally me and my team went to Malaya Optical. Keep on reading if you wanna know why.

Having a boss and colleagues as bloggers do have it's perks, especially when you got the best ones around you. I bet you know who right ;) We were invited as Editors of Althea to Malaya Optical to meet their team and that surely was a nice session. Ryan Ho, the CEO of Malaya Optical is known for being one of the best frames advisers we have here in Malaysia and we were lucky enough to be entertained by him himself. When we arrived, the Malaya Optical team had already prepared a range of exclusive Korean frames for us and we looked at them like precious jewels. These Korean brand frames all looked elegant, classy and also sparkling under the spotlights. AND... I spotted it! The frame that I have been looking for was shining like a diamond. HAHA.. Okay I exaggerated.

But it's true though, once I saw the frame selections I totally got excited seeing the types of frames that I actually wanted. There was one frame that totally captured my attention, is was neither round or square and it had like a mossy green colour which was really nice! It looked almost grey but it wasn't. I said this one is perfect, but when I wore it, my face said never. HAHA... My face really makes drama sometimes. Turns out the frame didn't really fit my face and Ryan Ho and his team did advise different frames. They gave me selections of frames that suited my face and I was satisfied, the frames really did fit my face and I had a hard time choosing which one I wanted after that. 

I took the longest to choose so I was the last person to get my eyes checked. Usually for normal optical stores, you'll just go into one room to check your eye power right? But Malaya Optical is different. They have another glass room where they check your eye healthiness. This is something new to me and I was amazed that and optical store could also provide a service like this. They 2 machines which checked your eye cornea and also advise you about your eye condition. Mine luckily is healthy, I was nervous because I frequently had headaches and my sight turns white sometimes. But Ryan said that this happened because mostly I was stressed and my previous glasses were really under power. So all this while I have been torturing my eyes.

After you get your eye checked, as usual they will measure your eyes so that the frames could fit you perfectly. The great thing about Malaya Optical is that the staffs are super friendly and they will make you feel so welcomed, even the introvert me managed to mingle well with them.  Pssssstt.. plus they are all good looking too. ;) LOL That's a bonus!

So after a few weeks, tadaaaaaaa... I got my brand new frames looking super elegant. These Frank Custom frames are said to be super popular in Korea. Even my Korean boss is wearing these frames. I think this frame is one of the classiest frames I have ever owned and I'm really happy with it. Even the casing is leather okay, well it looks like it.

So if you need to wear glasses and having trouble to find the right shape for you, head down to Malaya Optical and let the professionals advise you. I have been selecting the shapes of my glasses wrong for a long time so no wonder I always look ugly with spectacles on. Now I hardly wear contact lenses anymore cause I feel confident with the glasses that I have on right now. Want to see more pictures of me wearing my new frame? Well follow me on Instagram for more pictures.

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So that's all peeps. Let me know what you think about these frames.


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