18 November 2016


There's a saying that great shoes leads you to great places, well something like that. ;p So of course I want the best shoes especially on my wedding day. The funny thing is the only shoe place that came to mind is none other than our local shoes brand Christy Ng. I've been a fan of their shoes for years now and have a few of them at home too. The styles they offer are so pretty and the shoes are amazingly comfy! Hey, I'm not the types that loves wearing shoes because I usually get blisters, but this brand doesn't seem to do much damage to my feet. Okay, so moving on to wedding shoes, keep on reading.

If you checked out their website, you will know that Christy Ng also specialises on wedding shoes and you can even design your own shoes as well at their website! Cool right? But the wedding shoes they offer are already so pretty. I wouldn't be satisfied if I bought it online since I want to find the perfect heels, plus my feet are kind of a weird size. LOL... So I went to their main boutique at Jaya One to try them out. 

With so many designs to choose from I had a really hard time choosing. It were all so pretty, and all suited my taste. My fiance also had a hard time deciding after I kept changing my mind every second. (I did test his patience though but he held it in, sweet right?) Haha.. Okay, enough. So there were several choices to choose from, starting from how tall your shoes wanted to be. I had to choose the tallest since my fiance is like a tree already. (Which I'm actually a penguin). So I went for the 5 inch shoes which we all really stunning!

This is one of the shoes that I kept coming back for, satin glitter and laces with beads is every girls dream. Well my dream I think, this shoe just makes me wanna cry on how beautiful it is. I think I tried this over 3 times but did I get this one? Well that's a surprise for later. Most of the wedding shoes that Christy Ng offers looks almost similar, but the laces and colours differentiate the shoes so you have a quite variety of shoes you could choose for your big day. Even wedding boutiques have these kinds of designs but not as pretty as the ones you can find here.

My wedding boutique does offer wedding shoes in my bridal package but my feet are small and the small designs they offer does not really match my dress and rather ugly as well. It's true, I'm not bluffing, so I desperately needed shoes. But I thought, hey I have another plain satin heels just like this from Christy Ng that I got last year and it matches my dress too. So the one that I got was to be used for my 'hantaran' and also to be worn on my fiance's reception since his boutique does not provide shoes.

Finally I got my shoes, but I did purchase another shoe online after because I couldn't resist one of the shoes I tried out earlier, it's so pretty. ;) And hey, this is Tracey, if you guys head down to Jaya One say hi to her, she's a sweety. She also helped me pick out my wedding shoe which I can't wait to show you guys, I'm still thinking if I should by the matching clutch as well so it would look great on my 'dulang hantaran'. So if your getting married soon and you still haven't found the right shoes for you, or if your boutiques provides ugly shoes, you know where to get beautiful wedding shoes from. The prices are affordable so don't worry.

If your interested, check their wedding shoes online here. I noticed that they added new shoes as well, which makes me want another shoe now. Haha.. I know, so bad. But if your like me and feel cautious about big preparations especially for wedding shoes, Christy Ng opened new outlets now! You can check out their new outlets here.

For more info, head down to:
Website: www.christyng.com
Facebook: facebook.com/christyngshoes
Instagram: instagram.com/christyngshoes

Till then peeps!


  1. semua lawa2. nnti nak kawen boleh cari sini

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  3. Cantiknya longg, tak sabar nak tengok Kak Long naik pelamin..


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