01 November 2016


I'm getting married in a month's time now and I'm starting to feel nervous about everything. What I'm more nervous about is looking like a penguin bride. Obviously most of you know that I'm short of inches and a bit plump while my fiance is tall and has quite an acceptable figure compared to mine. When I was a child my parents kept feeding me vitamins and weight gain nutrition's and sort because I was like a walking skeleton, but they didn't expect me to gain so much weight after I hit puberty. Early years of secondary school I remembered that my weight almost hit 60kg, since I've been well fed at home. Yes, I was so fat and I felt so uncomfortable.
After Form 3 I got more active, I joined more activities in school and I barely had time to eat or rest. Even on weekends I was out for tennis and other activities my school had. When I reached Form 5 my weight reduced to 40kg. Don't believe me? Well here is proof. (Old picture okay!)

During that time my body felt great, I often sweat and I had so much energy in me, I could always do more without getting fatigue easily. But this all changed again once I entered University after school. I rarely had junk food or fast food at home, but when I finally started to stay away from home I got obsessed with fast food and junk food since it's so easy to get. From there I started gaining weight again and stuck with it. Why? Because I got lazy. There are times where I go for jogging and participate in activities that require sweat but not regularly liked I used to in school. Hence I'm still having a hard time to loose weight no matter how much I say I want too.

I know my problem is that I haven't been consistence in my goal to loose weight. I workout and take care of my food takings when I feel so. After my engagement I started to be more worried about my weight since my mum keeps saying that I might not fit into my wedding dress if I don't control my food. Yes that's true, the food I take are horrible when it comes to weight lost, I love fried food a lot and I take it almost everyday.

So I reduced my fried food and rice intake, maybe twice or three times a week only, I ate more veggies and started to get addicted to Salads, but still I didn't feel so good. My body felt weak because I reduced my intakes of what I normally eat, that's what I thought at first. Turns out is that I'm not fit and unhealthy because I don't sweat at all anymore. My and my colleagues felt the urge to start exercising, but we didn't seem to have time to do so, and doing it alone will just boost up your spirit for a short while.

This is when Impulse Studio Asia came into our lives. Our Hero for finally making us workout without even taking much of our time. Impulse studio is nothing like your normal gym, you will see no equipments at all and might make you wonder how do you actually exercise here. Well Impluse uses EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) which uses a devise to deliver electrodes to the skin and then stimulates the muscles. It's said that 20 minutes of Impulse equals to 4 hours of hitting the normal gym. This is the 21st century training and it is awesome!

So our first day of Impulse was so awkward, well for me I guess since I'm not really used to the gym or something similar to it. LOL... Anyways, Impulse will provide you with clothes and pants since after that you will be suited with their special training suite which will be connected to the device for muscle stimulation. Before you can even change, you will be weighted first and the trainers will suggest you which training you should go through according to the measurements of your body. They had this really cool weighing scale that not only measures your weight but also a complete detail of your body, such as body fat percentage, muscle mass and etc, I can't remember. I'll upload a picture of it later and compare my before and after.

Impulse trainings are only 20 minutes per sessions but getting suited up takes up a whole lot of time too. That's why it is advisable to come at least 10 minutes early than your appointment. Do note also that every session you will be have your own trainer since you would not be able to do this exercise by yourself, You need someone to guide you in order for this workout to work. Basically what Impulse does in enhance the muscle stimulation during our workout so we get the full benefits of doing workout in a short period of time. The kind of workout that we do actually is cardio and strength exercise.

After the first training, the trainers will advise the next session to be done to weeks after so your muscles could fully recover. Why? Because you are gonna be in a lot of pain if you have never exercised in ages. LOL... The 3 of us in the office almost felt like dying with the pain after the first session, we couldn't even walk properly but the awesome light feeling after the first session ended made us still want to come again. So after 2 weeks we went for our second session and right after the the session, eventhough our body did ache a bit but the light feeling just felt amazing. It felt like a ton of weight has just been lifted for your body and you can dance because of that.

We came once every week, since we couldn't really cope up with the phase of twice a week yet. The session became more fun since we grew closer to the trainers as well. We usually take the last session after work and it will be the only 3 of us and since everyone is tired we tend to be more crazy with loud music and screams. Especially when I have to do planks, I hate planks! Seriously, it's like torture but we have that every session and I'll be like screaming all my might cause I can't really seem to take it. HAHA.. Please don't judge me.

Yes we look like we are in combat but actually were fighting against our fat. I just knew that I'm actually overweight with my fat percentange and it bothers me so much! I'm getting married soon and of course I wanna fit in a really nice wedding gown. So for this 2 months I'm hitting this Gym called Impulse where I'll do Cardio Exercise for 20mins but my body benefits from it like exercise for 4 hours. The Impulse suit helps to stimulates the muscles to work more and help loose those stubborn fat by exercise eventhough for a short exercise time. This is my first time hearing and trying out this kind of exercise and I can't wait to see the results if I can manage my healthy food control. LOL.. I'll be updating more about this soon. Stay tuned. #impulsestudio #Gym #NeedToLooseWeight #INeedToGetMarried #Minus8KG #PleaseLetThisWork
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Now it's the third month with Impulse after going for once a week and also a few weeks skipped due to our periods. We went for our last training last week and the results were out the week before since we have a weighting session after every 4th session. Honestly, you can't really see the difference with your eye but the results came out pretty good. I did not loose weight but I lost a lot of fat percentage and gained muscles which is really good. The most that I am happy about is I lost a lot on both of my legs. I have been having this problem for a long time now and I could finally fit into my tight jeans that I left aside since last year.

Since the results came out good, I'm thinking to continue more sessions but twice a week! The results must be more awesome since this training is actually supposed to be done twice a week anyways. I really hope I have time to commit when my wedding date is so near already. I could see that Impulse had helped me feel more energetic and less fatigue. My body feels lighter than before and I don't feel that uncomfortable feeling anymore. Eventhough I did not loose weight but I became fitter which is actually a whole lot of improvement for a person who only works out once a week. I know I haven't been taking much care about what I eat but I do realize food plays a big role in loosing weight and not only exercise.

I manged to go through one phase, that is exercise, now I really need a diet which I don't know if I'm able to do it. I manage to cut a bit but not everthing, I still love the pleasure of eating. Wish me luck to loose a bit more weight before my wedding.

For the meantime, this is all I could say, I would update more for time to time okay. You guys could refer to www.impulsestudio.xbodystudio.com for more information and do follow their Instagram at impulse_asia too!

Till then peeps!


  1. OMG Mira! Tempting nyaaaa.. 20 minutes of Impulse equals to 4 hours of hitting the normal gym????? SAY WHATTTTTT? Kurus la you skrg ni kan....

    1. Haha.. tak kurus pun! Cuba lemak je turun. LOL

  2. miraaa.... congratulations in advance!
    keep fit & keep cool.

  3. confirm meletop outstanding bersanding nanti nihh

    1. Haha.. Harap sangat! Akak datang tau majlis nanti

  4. Wuuuuuuuuu... nmpak macam susah je ��.. tkpe2 yg penting result dia nanti.. untuk hari bahagiakan.. jangan lupe jemput kawin nanti*gurau je ��*

    Fighting! ��

  5. Wuuuuuuuuu... nmpak macam susah je ��.. tkpe2 yg penting result dia nanti.. untuk hari bahagiakan.. jangan lupe jemput kawin nanti*gurau je ��*

    Fighting! ��

  6. The best post!! The way you explanations, hat off!!, your time consuming research in post is much appreciated. You are an inspiration. Keep it up!


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