15 September 2016


I still remember how uncomfortable it was when my first period came. That unpleasant feeling and how it gave me a hard time every time. My first period came early, I was just in standard 5 and I was one of the first few among my friends. I was of course sloppy and 'selekeh' during that time as my body did not understand that it is too fast for me to grow up. LOL 

So I had a lot of unpleasant incidents during my period when I was a teenager in which I believed most girls my age at that time fear the most. Yes... you know what it is, especially when you’re wearing light colored clothes to school. It was a nightmare for me because I couldn't control it since I was such a heavy flower.

So when my parents started giving me some pocket money to buy my own toiletries, I started experimenting on different type of pads since this problem has been going on for so long.

I would say that I tried most of the available brands in the supermarket and it kinda took me a while to actually find a satisfactory pad that suits me. But even so, I am still constantly looking for new brands to try as most of the good ones are usually expensive. Guess how happy I was when this Singapore Brand Pad called UUcare approached me to do a review for them. 
They come in 3 different ranges; 

1) UUcare Crown Anti Bacterial 
2) UUcare Cool Technology 
3) Young Girl by UUcare. 

UUcare is one of the more well-known sanitary pads in Singapore and for those who really want to try out their pads, here’s a chance for you to try their new range at a more affordable price. 
Young Girl by UUCARE is their new range and definitely value for money as they are with antibacterial properties too. 
There are four types of pads in the range which starts from 240mm to 360mm.

And what’s more, they have pantyliner in this range too. I'm the type who uses pantyliner on a daily basis because I would feel uncomfortable without it. I will usually use the one that has a scent so that it can last the whole day without giving out a nasty odor at the end of the day, which would obviously be embarrassing after a long day. I have been using this for a week now and so far I felt pretty satisfied since it's comfortable and it helped in preventing unpleasant odor.

So moving on to the pads, I honestly didn't think that this would suit me at first since the packaging seemed so cute which I thought would be suitable for those who have just gotten their period. As my flow is usually pretty heavy I will need pads that can absorb really well so this came as a surprise as the absorption is pretty awesome. I used it for a good few hours long and there was no leak too, which would’ve happened with other pads so this is an added bonus!

After my shower, I changed into this 280mm since I usually have to change another time before bedtime. I used it for about 5 hours and to my surprise it felt quite okay without the usual icky feeling proving the absorption power is pretty good. Again, no leaks!

Feeling pretty satisfied with both pads, I have high hopes for this overnight pad which is 320mm long. It felt pretty much like the pads I usually use at night but I like it how it covers up until the back which usually is a problem for me when I need to lie down. In the end, I slept worry free and comfortably without the fear of leaking.

So the last pad they had in this range is the 360mm pad which is suitable for Maternity use too.

Overall, I find this Singapore brand pad is quite something as it has a full Anti Bacterial on Pad’s Surface, a Non Flourescer (No whitening agent on the glue) and also eliminates odor. No jokes, I’ve never experienced a pad that stays perfectly in one spot until the end of the day.

Overall I believe that I'll stick to this brand for now as I'm so pleased with how comfortable they have made my period so far. LOL.. The packaging is pretty convenient to use as well. 
If you’d like to try them out for yourself, UUcare can be found at these locations:

Crown Antibacteria: 
Tesco, Aeon Wellness, Maxvalu, Mercatos, Jason’s Food Hall (Bangsar), Hero Supermarket
Cool Tech: Aeon Wellness
Young Girl: Giant and Tesco

Visit their facebook page for more info here: 

Till then peeps

P/s: This post is sponsored


  1. cool.. boleh cuba. biasa guna Sofy jer..

  2. uishhh 4 size. yg tu panjang giler

  3. Not yet come across this brand, but the label is really cute. Isn't it nice that today we have scented ultra-thin panty liner for daily use. Kalau dulu2 payah nak cari.


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