05 September 2016


Morning peeps! So I'm here to tell you a secret. I've been asked so many times how do I wear my daily shawls since I manage to make it look exactly the same style when I wear it. So here is the secret, I'm the type that cannot wear an inner headscarf or I'll get a massive headache, which results in limitations of selection of hijabs. This is because not all materials could give a good grip on your head without an inner headscarf. That's why you can see me wearing cotton shawls most of the time and mostly all of them are plain. Why? Well you'll need to keep on reading.

I am super fussy for the choices I make in wearing a hijab and picking the plain one's are much more easier to mix and match for a daily basis. But having to wear plain everyday kinda get's boring too and since I've started working I should really take more care of my appearance. I had interest in a few printed hijab before but I held back because sometimes the price is not reasonable at all. For the cheap ones, especially printed ones, are not really up to my taste, so to play safe I always choose plain hijabs as an option.

Somehow Teja Malaysia came forward and made me notice how 'kolot' I am with hijabs. I found that I haven't been actually looking into the fashion industry enough to notice that there are companies that offer awesome designs with affordable prices. Looking at the designs they offer made me ashamed with my hijab collection I have so far. 

I tried out a few of Teja Malaysia's printed shawls the last couple of weeks and found out that printed shawls could totally change your complexion and your mood as well. Somehow people around noticed me looking different and more cheerful. LOL... but I admit it myself, that fun printed shawls really make you stand out a little bit more.

Teja Malaysia also known as Tous Jous before offers a wide range of Hijabs of Shawls to Square Scarves and of course with wide selections of materials as well. They say they use only the best materials for their scarves and my sister confirmed that too, since she studies textile and really good  at determining fabric. I find that the materials texture is very different from the ones I have and makes it more easier to wear. Since I'm so used to cotton and chiffon hijabs, I chose selections from that range and there hasn't been even one hijab that made me pissed off because I couldn't get it on properly.

Honestly, I'm that type of girl that never iron her shawls and I can't even be ashamed of that anymore since I'm not even trying to change. I'm just so lazy to spend a few extra minutes for my hijabs, so I'll usually just grab and wear my hijab in less than a minute. If it takes longer than that to get my hijab fixed on my head, I'll easily get annoyed and grab a different one.

So from my experience so far, there has not been one shawl that had let me down. My favourites of all are the 2 hijabs at the top, the pink and yellow flower printed shawls. These shawls are wide heavy chiffon shawls and they are stunningly beautiful. I've been wearing these 2 prints a lot lately since they are so easy to wear. It stays put even after one whole day on and the best part it is light but not see through. I don't have to worry about my neck showing and since it's wide I get my chest covered up properly which really carries out the function of a hijab rather than a fashion accessory.

The rest of the hijabs that I chose were chiffon's and cotton shawls. The chiffon shawls are really light and a bit see through but the best thing is that the material grips perfectly even without a headscarf. With the proper style, I managed to cover up my parts perfectly without showing my neck. Same goes to the cotton shawl which is the blue shawl with printed pink flowers. I have worn that on several occasions already and it just completed my wish list to find really comfortable shawls. If you are following me on Instagram, you might have noticed that my fashion has changed a bit thanks to Teja Malaysia.

A photo posted by Mira Cikcit (@miracikcit) on

A photo posted by Mira Cikcit (@miracikcit) on

Overall I could say I'm awesomely pleased with the hijabs that Teja Malaysia offers. Their speciality is of course their printed designs, they even have a new collection now which is so pretty! But most of all, the hijabs are valued for your money. There's no use of a pretty hijab if it cannot function properly as a hijab. So below is a compilations of prints that I have from their brand which I had fun making.

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To keep updated with their latest collection and designs. Do follow Teja Malaysia on Instagram.

Till then peeps! Have an awesome week!


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