21 September 2016


I'm not a big fan of steamboat but my fiance is. One of the best foods he can think of if he wants to splurge and indulge is always steamboat. So, I have been looking up to several steamboat places and Pak John was one of them since every time we go to e-curve we will pass by this restaurant and I could see that he turns his head here every time we pass by. We never really ate here before because when we head down to Damansara we already have other plans and eating steamboat could take hours. LOL
So me and my blogger friends which you might have already recognise in the picture went our for dinner here in Pak John and the experience was... want to know what Pak John has to offer? Keep on reading then.

I could say Pak John has the most finest dine in than any other steamboat restaurants that I have been in my life. It's super clean and does not have that unpleasant seafood scent at all, I find it quite amazing that it does not have that seafood smell and stickiness at their cutlery's. Almost every steamboat place I've been have has this kind of problem either obvious or not obvious, but I have a really sharp nose so finally I could say I found a steamboat place that is comfortable for me.

The interesting part of Pak John is their freshly cut meat which we can order at the counter here. They have meat, lamb and even roasted duck! They cut it fresh and thin and it really makes it easier to eat. Trust me on this, I had plenty.

The seafood selection was not bad either, they had a lot of choices that we had a hard time choosing what to eat.

There are 5 choices of soup to choose from their menu which is Beefbone Pepper Soup, Tomyam Soup, Curry Soup, Miso Soup and Chicken Soup. We tried out Tomyam, Miso Soup and Curry, the Tomyam and Curry were amazing! The Tomyam soup seems a bit oily but the taste just makes you want more. LOL

As you can see we had plenty of food on the table and we kept going for more. Especially the roast duck. The grill place is changed like every half an hour when it seems to be hard to grill, the waiter on standby will automatically offer to change your grill place without you even have to ask. This is a really good service coming from a steamboat restaurant. 

Another thing I noticed is the air ventilation is quite impressive too for a steamboat place that basically runs indoors. With all that smoke from grilling it usually gets uncomfortable after an hour passed, but we had our food comfortably without even noticing this issue in the first place. Later did I realise I didn't feel uncomfortable at all.

The selections of beverages are quite a number too so there is a favourite for everyone. And hey, meet CS posing in the picture, the manager of Pak John which gave us a very welcoming and pleasant dinner experience.

Next going on to desserts, everyones favourite. I'll straightly recommend you the waffles! OMG! I'm drooling just writing about this, their waffles are the best I ever had. I'm not lying! If they open a kiosk just for their waffles I'll be a regular customer. Not only can you choose from multiple flavours, you can also put as much ice-cream as you want on top. 

Overall I'm really satisfied. Really! Their price and the amount of food they offer are so reasonable and so worth it. I can't really remember how much exactly but it is average as any other steamboat restaurants. As I said earlier I'm not such a big fan of Steamboat but after trying out Pak John I'm already thinking I wanna go again. Ouhhh.. their roast duck! HAHA...

And tips, if your going in a group of 6 or more and you may want a little bit of privacy, you can book a private room there without any extra charges. Perfect for gatherings or small parties, So if you find it hard to pick a venue for gathering, you already have one in mind that serves great food!

For more info:
Website: www.pakjohn.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pakjohn

Till then peeps

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  1. Yezza! Sedap sedap.. Will definitely come again. Dah la dekat dengan my house. Weee~


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