30 August 2016


I have had these masks for months now, My Secret of Beauty Facial Masks contains 9 sheets of Masks in a box with 3 different types, 3 each in a single box. So as most of you know that I have mask day almost everyday now in the office and now did I finally manage to finish all the masks and could actually say a few words on what I think about these masks.

MSB Facial Masks comes in this really nice black box which contains 3 different types of Masks

1. Brightening Mask

2. Hydrating Mask

3. Facial Firming Anti-Aging Mask

These masks are thin soft silk facial masks that are really lightweight. It has a strong scent of flower scent to it which actually makes you feel calm. So, among all 3 I could say there isn't a favorite, all different types are basically the same. They have the same texture and mask sheet, so I couldn't really differentiate the difference.

The masks has 2 layers protecting it when it comes out the packet. You will need to take out the blue and white plastic out to finally get the mask. The sheet of the mask is so thin so maybe this is one of the reasons why it is packaged that way, cause it easily get torn and if the mask somehow sticks together it's hard to put it in place again since its very sticky.

So as I told you all before, masks day is done at the office during my working time. So I'll be wearing on mask while I'm sitting and looking at my computer, so not all masks are suitable for sitting and working. At first its quite of a hassle placing the masks since it's all slimy and sticky. but once you get in on your face it feels as pleasent as ever. What I like about this mask is that it's wide and it actually covers my whole face especially my forehead which is really wide and not all face masks actually do cover up my entire forehead and below my chin area. 

The standard time of using a face mask is 15 to 20 minutes but I usually like to use it until it dries up completely. When this mask dries up it won't be able to stick on the face anymore so I'll know that it's actually time to take it of. And the essence is quite a lot also in each packet, so you can actually rub in the extra essence to your hands and neck to not let it go to waste.

Overall, I'm pleased with this mask and the packaging is also cute. Somehow I kinda think this is a suitable thing for a gift to your friend if you actually don't know what to get. That's all peeps.

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