04 August 2016


First of all, just to let you know I have been compiling a lot of pictures in my draft like ages ago. These lipsticks are bought like last year but I'm just writing out the review now. This post is not sponsored though. Just wanted to share out about these Vamp Shades Makeup Revolution Lipsticks that I could say addicted to. For those who know me would know that I love wearing dark and outstanding colours for the lips. I think my skin tone suits better with dark colours, hehe.. or I think I just like lips to outstand more. LOL.. Anyways keep on reading if your curious about these lipsticks.

So, I'm not sure if you all heard of Makeup Revolution before, it is originally from London, but they launched here in Malaysia last year, I was one of the first also to know about this brand, but after looking up again for it now I can't seem to find their website anymore, and even their facebook page is outdated. Anyways, let's just get to the review shall we, I bought 2 of the lipsticks for the Vamp Shade Collection and at the time these lipsticks were only RM8 each. So cheap right? For the colour it's amazing! Really good for makeup shots or themed makeup, but to wear one whole day or event purposes is a no. What to expect from a RM8 lipstick right? The colour is sheer and good enough to last for photo purposes. It comes of as soon as your lips touches anything and creates a really nasty smudge. But I'm satisfied enough with the colour, so a yes for me to keep.

This Salvation Lip Lacquer is also from the Vamp Shade category and this has been my favourite lipstick of all. The colour is amazingly pretty and this usually will be my first pick for bold matte red lips. This was prices for RM25++, I can't really remember how much but this lipstick was worth it. The only thing is that it is really dry and after a while it will eventually fade and come on, leaving your lips half red and uneven. 

Wearing this must be extra careful since it dries up quickly and if you want to rub it out it will stain and be hard to remove. But overall the colour is so nice and that is why I keep using this over and over again. LOL...  It could last about 3 to 4 hours use before you will need to add some more especially after meals.

A photo posted by Mira Cikcit (@miracikcit) on

A photo posted by Mira Cikcit (@miracikcit) on

So above my pictures ages ago wearing these lipsticks. The below one is me wearing the Lip Lacquer , the colour really outstands a lot. Overall, I don't think I'll be purchasing more of this since now I'm moving on to lipsticks that could actually last longer on the lips since I'm so lazy to touch it up again. HAHA..

Till then peeps.

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  1. I ada try new lipstick from Laneige. Its two tone lip bar. a new
    cosmetics product from Laneige. You should try. Most important it has gradient lips.


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