10 August 2016


Hey peeps! I have kept this post in my draft so long already. Who here takes collagen? What is the science of collagen actually? We have a lot of collagen in the market nowadays which promises all sorts of benefits. One of them I came across like months ago was DwiDara Collagen Complex.
Keep on reading to know more.

It comes in 20, 20ml sachets and to be drink directly from the sachet. It tastes like mixtures of fruit and the taste wasn't so bad either. I could easily drink it up early in the morning and at night.

Overall I couldn't see much difference since I just managed to drink 1 box only. It would probably be best to have a go for 2 or 3 boxes before seeing any results, from my opinion. Cause I've tried a few collagens before and I don't really see results much on the first try and I easily give up, While my friends that are continously taking seem to see results.

Anyways, that all peeps, so sorry for the short review. I have had these pictures in my draft for so long and I'm kinda trying to clear of my draft history now. You may be seeing once a few posts like this coming up soon.

Till then peeps

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