07 August 2016


Hey peeps, having a great Sunday? Well I finally have a bit of free time for myself and all I wanna do is catch up with my blog. I really wanna right a lot on what has been happening right now but I easily get distracted, so I'm sure this post won't be long. Anyways, this just a life update till early August and if your interested keep on reading.

First of all, Pokemon Go is finally here in Malaysia. I installed it yesterday afternoon and caught 12 pokemons in half an hour. LOL... Now I have 20, and now it's getting more addictive but I'm to lazy to go out. All I know know it to collect Poke Balls and Catch Pokemons. I haven't really gotten into the game much, but yeah, can't wait what Pokemon waits for me in the office this morning.

Speaking about the office, my probation period is over! Yeayyyyy... now waiting for my pretty manager to say, go meet her. Haha.. if she's reading this... Anyways, work has been so far good for me compared to the previous jobs I had, This time I feel more pumped up to excel and prove that I'm worth to keep. It's a bit tough though since I still have a lot to learn and I really wish I could prove myself more better. Just hope that I will.

Life so far is slowly getting good too, I'm still not stable financially yet but I already have a path planned for me and I'm not feeling so bad that I experienced the last couple of months. I'm getting the hand of saving enough money for my monthly expenses and playing Kutu Money at the office also is helping a lot. If not I won't be able to save up at all.

Just another 3 months before I get married and things are getting more hyped up. I'm more sensetive and he's getting a headache with life plans. Arguments are as good as being lovey dovey with each other. HAHA... But we both are still hoping for the best, and we are trying to go through all this the best as we can. Wedding preperation is still nothing much, we don't even know when we want to settle everything. One of the main reasons also is both of us are trying so hard not to burden our parents so much since both of us are freshly graduated and 'gatal sancta nak kahwin'. HAHA.. But truth be told, memang parents yang suruh kahwin pun.

Anyways, starting next week, me and the girls at the office plans on kicking some ass for those fat we kept all these years. I especially need to loose weight to fit in my wedding gown which is super tight and I keep failing cause I like to eat so much. So we are hitting the gym and I'll be blogging about my weightloss story here also, I'm not sure if it will be a succsess but I'll write down my journey to weightloss eventhough I didn't even loose weight at the end. HAHA... Just making things clear first.

So now duty calls, need to rush. Mum is calling. Till then peeps!


  1. mcm ada je keluar berita diharamkan pokemon go ni.. hehe

    semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan dan success dlm kerjaya..

    Jemput singgah tgk entry terkini k.. :) Hujung minggu

  2. pasal pokemon ni, liz ada share something from others people pny opinion yg game ni kan tgkap pokemon dgn cara tangkap gambar, scr x langsung gambar dan gps coordinate akn masuk dalam data mereka, katakan semua org main, lama2 seluruh kawasan malaysia drg tahu jadi anytime kalau nk bt apa2 senang. not sure bout it tapi logik kan

  3. In Bangsar South there were kind of big phenomena about Pokemon Go you know. Hahahahha ouh btw I just want to share some website which selling korean cosmetics which is very new and affordable. Maybe u can sign up for free and get affiliate member. Just sharing.


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