28 July 2016


Who has really bad pore problems that you can actually see it sticking out without having to really look really hard? Well I'm one of them and it has been driving me nuts to constantly get rid of it because it's so hard to remove it from my skin. So I met this Black Kill Pore Cleanser and Black Kill Tightening Pack from Althea Korea and decided to try it out. So I have had them for almost half a year now and have tried it loads of time already. So does it work?
Well you'll have to keep on reading.

The W. Lab Black Kill Pore Cleaner is the easiest thing I have ever used to clean my pores. I usually use this when my pores get really bad and after I have cleansed my face. Since it comes with a silicon brush as well, it makes it much easier to get the pores out. You can actually feel like it's helping brush your pores away if you give it a nice press.

The little button on the side of the product helps you control how much foam you want to use. You don't have to add water while applying this, cause once you start rubbing it will start foaming up. Use this product at places where you find most troubled pores and after you have rinsed it all off, your skin will feel awesome. For me I really find this helpful with my stubborn pores especially at my nose area.

But cleansing the pores was not enough for me, I wouldn't be satisfied until I'll see all the pores come out and mask is a must. The Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack helps remove blackheads, sebum control, remove dead skin cells and maintain skin balance. This mask is amazing, I love wearing this every time I use the Black Kill Pore Cleanser. This mask is in a liquid form at first but once it's dried up, it tightens and becomes like a flake.

So as you can see, these are the textures of the products. Both are a really good combination worn after another and it really sucks out all those nasty pores. I feel great every time I use this but still there are still some really stubborn pores that I can see so it doesn't clear everything out. But the sensation after use is so nice, especially when you start peeling of the mask. It really gives a firm grip that you can actually see pores coming off and sticking at the peeled mask. It looks so gross yet feels so good. HAHA

Name: W-Lab Black Kill Pore Cleaner
Price: RM87.00
Name: W-Lab Black Kill Pore Tightening Pack
Price: RM77.00
Purchase: Althea Korea

Till then peeps


  1. I've been eyeing on this at Althea, will get this later :) my blackhead at my nose area is pretty bad :(

    1. Kan kan.. tempting kadang2 barang dekat Althea ni

  2. alamak! knp tk prasan pore cleanser ni hr tu.

    1. Kadang2 susag=h nak trace barang sebab dah kabur dengan barang lain. Semua nak kan? hehe


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