22 July 2016


Hey peeps, I find it so hard to maintain a good hair care, I frequently have to change hair care nowadays because it only works for a while and then I'm back to square one. I've heard that the problems with shampoo's is that it contains to much silicon, especially those found easily in stores. And for those who want to maintain a good hair, try your best as possible to avoid silicon to your hair. So I heard about these products from NuNature which create formulas that are rich in natural active ingredients with the latest trend in cell regenerative and anti-aging actives. Nunature ranges are paraben/ SLS/ SLES free.
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I actually reached a phase where I just randomly bought shampoo's now cause it just works for a while, so this shampoo from NuNature was also one of the Shampoo's I figured, just give it a try. Why not since I ran out of shampoo anyway and needed a new one. A couple of months back I just did a scalp treatment, so I wanted a more healthy shampoo and I tried this one out since NuNature promises products contained average 98% of natural ingredient.

First impression, I didn't really like the packaging but when I opened it up and got a scent of the product it changed my mind instantly. The scent is really really nice, it's sweet and calming at the same time, both shampoo and conditioner have different scents but both smells so damn good.

So that was just the scent, what happens after I use it? I wasn't really convinced until I tried it. As soon as the shampoo got to my hair I felt really good already. The scent was amazing, it didn't have much bubbles though. Then while applying conditioner also the scent was amazing, it totally made my shower more relaxing and I didn't notice that I spent so much time on my hair. Only the thing that that was such bothersome was the packaging. First it's just too wide, it takes so much space in the toilet. Second is the bottle is quite hard and difficult to get the product out. They should really consider changing the bottles cause I find it too much hassle.

After my first was with this brand, I was very pleased. My hair smells so good, my hair is light, my scalp is so fresh and my hair has never felt so much volume before. It really made my hair look healthy. So I did a little bit of experiment, I skipped washing my hair everyday and washed it 2 days once. Usually my scalp will get oily and itchy but this shampoo got rid of that, even after wearing the hijab all day long, I don't feel the uncomfort feeling anymore. Now I can say I'm really pleased with my hair.

Nunature not only focuses on the hair but also the well being of the body too. I tried out the Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Cream and honestly I didn't like it so much. The main reason is I don't reakky like Lavender scents, there are some that I like but I'm not such a fan. So I asked my mum if she wants to try it and trust me my mum is more picky than me in scents. Unbelievablely she liked it, she says the scent is calming and works pretty good as well. I think I'll be getting the Anti-Acne Shower Cream next time since I seem to having problems with breakouts with my body.

Overall I'm currently loving this brand right now, but for the packaging, they really need to improve. I've been going though their website and thinking to try out the Scalp Treatment Shampoo after this and see how it goes since I'm really impressed with the ones I'm using now.

Price: Hair Care: RM23.90 (250ml), RM35.90 (450ml) / Bath: RM33.90 (450ml)
Highlights: rich in natural active ingredients, paraben/ SLS/ SLES free
More Deets: www.nunature.com.my

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  1. The main reason make me wanna read this because it is an anti-stress shower cream.. woahhh..

    1. Quite relieving, but for those yang suka bau Lavender la babe


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