27 June 2016


Hye girls! So I have been dying to post about this for a long time now. I have actually used these products since August last year, I know, it took me so long to write a review right? Well you didn't know how long these pictures were in my drafts. Just only now I managed to write my full opinions of the very famous Laneige BB Cushion which I think started the hype of BB Cushion here in Malaysia. Now we could see so many various brands of BB Cushion until I myself wasn't able to catch up. Anyways if you are interested in my thoughts about Laniege's BB Cushion & Highlighter, keep on reading.

We'll start with the packaging, of course the packaging will look more luxurious than other brands. Laniege since I do own a few other BB Cushions but it can't seem to beat this one. 

The first thing that popped into my mind when I first used it was that it's scent was so good. Till now it smells good too and I'm already using my refill. The scent is sweet and when you apply it also, the scent could still me scented and to me the scent is actually really pleasant.

The coverage is a light to medium so this is perfect for everyday use especially for ladies on the go like me which prefers light and simple makeup. Since it is in a compact form, it is more easier to apply anywhere like your compact powder. I love how the Laniege BB Cushion could easily cover up my imperfections but still feel so light. The only thing I find not suitable with me is because it's not Matte. It creates a sheer look to you and it becomes cakey if I don't apply and blend it well. I really don't like the feeling when I'm sweating, my skin gets really sticky. So to avoid this from happening, I usually add my matte powder on top of it which I find a really good combination.

Next, moving on to the Laniege's Cushion Highlighter. This product is so cute! It's rather smaller than the BB Cushion but it looks exactly like the BB Cushion except smaller and pink.

Don't be fooled by the colour cause once you got it on your face, it looks rather white than your skin colour which highlighters are supposed to be. The texture is just like the BB Cushion with a very nice scent to it. Yes, it is sticky a bit but the effects are stunning! This has been one of my favourite highlighters even for all out makeup cause the cream texture gives a more define look to the highlight rather than using powdered highlighter.

So these are an old and previous picture of me using the Laniege BB Cushion and Cushion Highlighter. So far the BB Cushion has been my best friend for easy daily makeup to cover up my imperfections. I own a few BB Cushions but I love using this the most, and good new the new generation of Laniege BB Cushion is going to launch soon in Malaysia and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Wait for my update on this product soon which will probably be early next month.

Name: Laniege BB Cushion Pore Control
Price: RM179.00
Althea Price: RM108.00
Purchase: Althea Korea

Till then peeps!


  1. Replies
    1. Haha.. Liz, sorry tertinggal pulak bab tu sebab dah macam lama tak buat review. Mira dah update bab pricing, thanks for highlighting beb <3

  2. Tengok product Leniege terus teringat pelakon decendants of the son. Ihik-ihik. Diari Mommy Muhaimin

    1. Itulah kan, siapa yang tak nak cantik macam Song Hye Kyo

  3. sgt suka tau BB Cushion Laneige ni.. bila apply boleh fefeeling cm awek korea.. (sila muntah)


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