26 June 2016


Hey peeps!
Just a simple post today, I just felt like writing. It's almost 2 months now since my engagement, and so far we have been a pretty good team in supporting each other. Alhamdullilah, we both are slowly getting the hang of it and making decisions on how to survive the early stages of supporting ourselves. Now I finally take work seriously rather than my previous companies, it has a really big difference once you put your heart to it. I find that force approaches makes me more rebellious on not to do rather than letting me think on my duties on my own. Now I feel calmer at work thanks to the work environment and a pretty awesome team leader who puts herself in the shoes of her minions. LOL.. Work seems more fun with crazy colleagues so I'll be sticking around much longer I think.

So, we are left with just 1 more week of  Puasa, it seems so fast suddenly and I'm already thinking about when I could I start making Ketupat. To think about it, this will be my last Ramadhan and Syawal as a single, next year I'll have responsibilities to provide another stomach food during Sahur and maybe the 'which side to balik kampung' fight will happen. HAHA... I really have a big imagination don't I?

Anyways, I've been going crazy over this guy this month. My sister started it, I finished watching The Korean Drama 'Who Are You 2015' and the second hero was so... urghhhhh... HAHA.. So I asked my sister if he had acted in any other dramas and she said he's on 'We Got Married' the Korean reality show which shows a virtual marrige life for some of their popular celebrities. I have heard about that show before but wasn't really interested to watch, but since I started to get hooked up by this guy I started watching his episodes only with a cute singer called JOY.

And not surprisingly I got hooked! HAHA.. I'm so easily to be won over. The couple was so sweet and playful at the same time and it was like my dream relationships when I was still fantasising how I would be when I got in a relationship. But still, reality is so different and I'm grateful enough with my fiance right now even though he ain't as sweet as Malaysia's sweet couple to take me on a fancy dinner for my birthday, he still has effort to do the little things that gets me smiling without noticing.

So Sungjae and Joy are the youngest couple ever casted by this Reality Show, and since they are so young, their relationship is young and playful too. It was so fun to watch and I did also try watch other couples but it didn't really seem so fun as these two cause the rest were more serious.
Haha.. I know this is fasting month and I suddenly write a post about this out of the blue.

Anyways, I dare you guys to try watch only 1 episode of SungjaeJoy and see if you get hooked or not. They have 45 half an hour episodes which you will find not enough once your addicted, and the last episode almost made me into tears cause this couple has been together for almost 11 months and they really grew and changed a lot together. This show really captured their difference since both of them are in the early 20's so it's so easily to see a change especially Sungjae's hair colour. HAHA... He turns into a different fruit almost in every episode.

For this show, they also made a really cute music video trying to explain their relationship which is really really cute. HAHA... I'm not such a fan of K Music but now I've been going through BTOB just to see Sungjae's performance since Sungaje is a singer in a Boy Band group called BTOB. I think the only reason I watch BTOB is because of Sungjae, he was like my ideal type of crush once back in high school, the one I have never met before. HAHAHA (Panas je kalau tunang aku baca ni)

I really can't believe that I'm actually writing about this, but after going through my blog yesterday I found my personal touch was missing from this blog. It's full of reviews which I kinda miss writing stupid and unnecessary posts cause I can. So tell me, who's going crazy now? LOL

Till then peeps!

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  1. Sungjae! ;~~;; suara best, dah lah pandai berlakon! Hehe. I think if it wasn't because of his acting in School 2015, BTOB wouldn't have been this popular lately. Have you watched his "The Village: Achiara's Secret" drama?


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