17 May 2016


Smartphones seems like their getting upgraded in a blink of an eye, but the most popular one will probably be the iphone that most people look up to. I have never owned an iphone before in my life, and I won't lie saying that I have never intended to own one. It seems the hype for iPhone's will tempt you to get one cause all your friends are using one. But I've been buying my smartphones with my own pocket money my whole life and I could never afford to own an iPhone since I have a lot of other priorities to think about. I could say the most expensive phone I used was priced RM800+ and maybe because of that I keep having problems with my phone since I am a heavy user with the Internet and app usage. Well of course, being a blogger I can't seem to run away from these apps.

Just a few months ago my phone broke again and I have been phone less about a month. I was so depressed cause my phone is used so much especially for work purposes. I had a hard time contacting people and people had a hard time contacting me and I ended up missing most of the important updates. I wanted to get a new phone so bad but I didn't want to buy cheap phones anymore. I want a decent phone that I could use for a long time. So I have been googling a lot on 'How to get smartphones through instalment plans', well no denying I came across so many but most of the required a credit card.

Then I came across U Mobile's Website and my perspective about postpaid plans just changed all of a sudden.  At first I was thinking about just changing my phone but now I wanna change my plan from using prepaid to postpaid. This is also because I feel using prepaid now is so expensive with my kind of usage and while going through the plans listed from U Mobile I feel like it's quite a nice bargain. So I thought this is a good deal for me since I need a phone and I need a new plan.

U Mobile is introducing the U MicroCredit which offers a selection of postpaid plans from U Mobile which enables you to own the new iphone SE with as low as RM58 a month! That's super affordable and I think it's so suitable for people like me who just started working and still in the process to make their life stable. Cause owning expensive gadgets is not easy especially when you started working, it takes a few months or even years to bulid up a saving to splurge on.

The best thing about the U MicroCredit is that you could choose what type of loan you want, either full loan or partial loan, and there is also an option where you can repay back as long as 36 months which cuts the costs of monthly repayment. So the U MicroCredit really is flexible which I could guarantee that there will be at least one option that is suitable for you. Wow.. I didn't actually expect owning a good phone will be this easy. 

With just 3 simple steps, I will be owning a phone that I have desired so long. You could either register online or visit a U Mobile store today. The things you will need for you to be eligible for this promotion is your identification card, latest one month salary slip and latest 3 months EPF statement OR bank account showing monthly salary income. It's that easy to own a good phone even though I just started working 5 months ago.

So I was talking about this plan with my friends weeks ago since most of us were complaining we needed a good phone, they said it sounds interesting but they heard the U Mobile's coverage is not that good. So of course that doubted me to start switching to U Mobile, but I kept on going back to U Mobile's website to check out this plan and it really did tempt me so I purchased their prepaid plan which I used on my fiance's iPad since he still hasn't has a sim in it yet. So I have used the prepaid plan for almost 2 weeks now and it seems that the coverage isn't that bad. I have even used it in my phone now since my other telco is having problems with coverage. LOL

With that little experiment going on, that marks it, me and my fiance are planning to change to U Mobile today. We are so fed up with the current plan we are using and it's actually hard to track how much we have used on our phone since we're both using prepaid. We both are now really particular on what we spend on money now. So looking at the the i90 plan with unlimited calls and 7GB data, I think that is more than enough for both of us, cause right now we are spending so much more just for our topping up.

I am so thankful that I have found a solution to my phone problems and I don't feel that much pressured anymore. What I have to do is just make sure that I pay my bills on time every month. So if you guys are somehow like me and looking for a way to get a decent phone, which is the Iphone SE which everyone has been raving about, so here is your chance. You could visit any U Mobile Stores today or just head down to their website.

Till then peeps!

p/s: This post is sponsored

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