22 April 2016


Phone nowadays are inseparable especially smartphones. There are so much to choose from, but not all phones could catch up to your desire. Every person has different tastes in phones, some choose by brands, some by specs, some by price and some by the phone's body. All these factors play a major role in choosing the right smartphone. For me I also have my own requirements on choosing a phone and I could say having a decent camera is really important nowadays. Don't you agree? 

Honestly, this is my first time using a Huawei phone, I don't often change phones and I don't buy expensive phones as well. My options has always be phones that are familiar to me and Huawei somehow opened up a new perspective for me either than  mainstream phones. Firstly the elegant body of the Huawei G8 has an all-metal integrated body which is really in trend with phone nowadays. The G8’s body is made of 90% metal and precisely engineered using nanometer molding while the Huawei G8’s screen has 2.5-D curved edges that creates 3D-like visual effects and provides improved scratch and impact-resistance.

My first impression for the G8 was a bit of a shock, I wasn't expecting much from this phone actually, but it turned out I was too early to judge. The phone itself provides many default features and handling is quite easy. The least I'm not so fond is the size, cause my hands are small, its a bit hard for me to get a nice grip. But the sizes of a phone usually depends on the user, some like it small and some like it big.

The most impressive feature of this phone is the fingerprint technology, it makes it so easy and convenient for phone usage. Rather than placing the sensor on the front, putting it at your fingertips resting place at the back of the phone really fastens the hassle to unlock your phone. Just by simply grabbing the phone, it takes less than a second to unlock the phone. The best part of this technology is   having less hassle handling  the camera.
There are so many moments that we seem to miss out to snap photo's cause unlocking the phone is too complicated. I'ved experienced that so many times when something cools happens in a blink of an eye and I'm nearly halfway to unlock my phone. So for those who loves capturing unexpected moments, this phone will be your best friend. I surely made full use of this technology, at the end of the week I found my gallery folder full with pictures which rarely happens with me cause I prefer my camera more than my phone before.

Speaking of camera's, the G8 has a 13MP BSI lens rear-facing camera with F2.0 aperture, 28 mm wide-angle lens, anti-vibration, RGBW sensors and a dedicated Image Signal Processor typically only found in professional digital SLRs. 
This is one of the reasons why I got addicted to the phone, the camera took gorgeous photo's and it was so easy to adjust to get the right settings for the perfect picture. I'm not such a fan of filters for pictures except than selfies, so having this kind of technology is quite useful especially for attending events.

Front Camera
Back Camera

This is an example of one of the pictures I took in low lighting. I managed to get the picture on how I wanted it to be without any flash used. And the focus mode wasn't too bad also.
Other than the camera itself, there are also some built in features for the camera which is the G8’s beautification technology allows for users to enhance images with various makeup styles and preview the effects in real time with a single touch. 
Huawei’s G8 beautification technology delivers more natural effects and a range of advanced beautifying functions.

I had so much fun playing with the makeup modes, even with a bare face I could still look pretty with this technology, and yeah... they gave me fake lashes too! Somehow the filter was almost like snapchat, it detects your face beautifully. So with this built in feature in your phone, I think there is no need for downloading 3rd party apps to beautify pictures anymore. Yeayyy to more free space for your phone.

This is a rough view on what to expect from the phone. There are a few default layouts to choose from for the standard layout and for the simple layout it's creates the phone almost like a window's phone. I'm not so sure about all of you but I'm quite satisfied that I'm able to install all the apps I wanted into this phone and it works perfectly with hanging.

Overall the the G8 works so well with me, the battery doesn't drain easily too since its powered with a 3,000mAh battery. There is no need for me to carry a powerbank to work also even if I'm using the Internet all day. Just make sure you have a full battery in the morning. Charging also doesn't take up so much time and it doesn't heat up so much too.
Two weeks using this phone and I think I haven't fully explored everything yet since I noticed this phone also has certain gestures and built in apps that are quite useful. But what I love the most is of course the fingerprint technology and the camera.
Taking a picture has never been this easy and it really satisfies me that the camera takes good quality pictures as well.

Retailed Price: RM1,499

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  1. hai. im using the same phone as yours. may i know how to make whatsapp icon, facebook icon without any white background like yours? im using the same themes with you. but my icon got white background behind it. please help me ;(

  2. thank you 4 the review...

  3. idk that Huawei is so nice...

  4. wah never think Huawei as my phone option but I think I have to think again.

  5. I am typing this comment using my husband's handphone - huawei ! =)

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