13 April 2016


Hey peeps! I have been longing to update this post ages now but something stopped me. Throughout this post you will see pictures from www.mekonie.com, this is because I have experienced each bloggers nightmare, which my pictures got corrupted. I didn't know that it would put me on so much stress that I didn't even want to look at my blog for a while. So bloggers, make sure you always have backup for your pictures. Anyways, enough of that, let's get to the main point shall we? If you are interested in Barbecue and Grill and 199 types of food in one place, well keep on reading.

Honestly this is my first time eating at D'Kayangan Steamboat even though I've been living in Shah Alam for years now. I got this opportunity to try out also because of Ayue Idris, so a big thank you to her I got the chance to try out this popular steamboat place in Shah Alam. Honestly again, I'm not such a big fan of Steamboat, but Syafiq is, but still I wanted to try out what the hype of this place was about.

D'Kayangan steamboat is located at Seksyen 13 Shah Alam, just below D'Palma and in front of Tupai-tuapai restaurant, so the place is quite convenient and really easy to park. I really hate places that have limited parking spots, but this place there should be no problem. So as you can see, D'Kayangan provides 3 types of cooking methods, steamboat, grill and also BBQ. 

And the highlights here are 199 food selections to choose from, they have so many types of food from seafood to skewers to rice, ramen, ice-cream and so much more. I can't even remember what they had cause there were so many. 

Another thing is the restaurant itself is already comfortable. You can either choose to sit inside our sit outside. I've been here 2 times already, once for the food review and another time with my family. Both of those times we sat inside, so here is a little tip for you. If the place is crowded with people, it's better if you choose to sit outside, but if your there on a weekday or the place is not so crowded, you can sit inside cause only then you can feel the air-condition. LOL... If your sitting inside crowded with people and smoke from grill, the heat will just make you uncomfortable.

The second time when I went with my family, I actually enjoyed eating since the place was comfortable and clean and I could also feel the air-condition. Even my family were non-stop eating, everyone seemed to have enjoyed the food there.

Looking at the selections of food here could already make you drool right? The were prawn, chicken, oak-otak, squid and so much more. Syafiq started out with rice and nasi lemak and he still had space for other foods. I on the other hand couldn't get enough of the chicken skewers, the tastes were just amazing. I could say I mush have had more than 10 sticks that day for the chicken only. LOL

For dessert the ice cream, monster ice cream all tasted amazing. I love eating ice-cream and thank goodness the ice-cream here didn't taste like cheap ice-cream. 

Even the selections of sauces were a lot, I couldn't get enough of the sos cili special. It tasted amazing! So there is a sause for everyone, according to your preferences.

And I bet for those who love lamb will be happy seeing this. It's not easy to get lamb everyday and at D'Kayangan they have it everyday.

Overall I could say the food here is amazing. The soup isn't bland, the seasoning of meat is perfect and they keep on refilling the food. On top of that, the service here is just excellent, the waiters are friendly and always have a smile on. Even if we request for something, the service is really fast. So a big thumbs up to D'Kayangan for great food and great service and a lovely restaurant. I'm hoping to come back here again soon, I still couldn't get enough of the chicken skewers. LOL

Adults: RM40.20 inclusive GST
Children: RM20.05 inclusive GST (5-11 years)

No.1, Apartment Servis Sri Acapella, 
Jalan Lompat Tinggi 13/33,Seksyen 13, Shah Alam

Head down to their sites for more info

Till then peeps!
And thanks to Mek Onie once again for letting me use her pictures.


  1. Miraaa, fana faham sangat perasaan tu. Fana dah jadi dua kali dah benda ni. Memang rasa macam nak nangis je bila gambar yang kita captured sepenuh hati semua hilang.


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