19 April 2016


Hey peeps, just a quick post today. I thought this would be beneficial to some of you especially fresh graduates with your first job. I have been working almost 4 months now but only now I thought of checking my EPF Statement, just in case.

So I have been asking some of my colleagues how to get our EPF Statement and most of them keep saying we need to go to a certain kiosk and get it there. I'm the type that hates the hassle to go here in there especially when time is so limited. So I found another easier way how to get your EPF Statement.

1. Head down to www.kwsp.gov.my

Basically what you have to do is create an i-Akaun for MEMBERS
But to create the account you will need an activation code which you will have to obtain from EPF Kiosk's or by simply calling the EPF Centre.

2. Going to the Kiosk will be a bit of hassle so I chose to give a call at 03-89226000.
They only operate during office hours and you will be directed directly to the operator so you might be on hold for quite a while. So be patient and don't get angry easily.
Once they answer your call, just say you want to create an i-Akaun for MEMBERS, they will then ask for your IC number. 
From there they will ask you a few security questions like your email, address, current work place, previous workplace and etc.
Once they have verified you, they will ask for your phone number and they will give an activation code via SMS to you.

3. Once you receive the SMS, click MEMBERS in and they click i-Akaun Activation (First Time Login) Just follow the steps directed after that, and for Member ID No just key in your IC number.
The process of creating the account is almost similar like creating an account for Maybank2u and Cimbclicks, so it just takes a few minutes.

4. After that, you just need to login into your account and your done!
Go to My Account > Statement
Then just print your EPF Statement.

It's so easy without any hassle, I managed to get my EPF Statement within 5 minutes without even having to get up from my seat. So I hope this helps for those who don't know yet.
Till then peeps!

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