20 March 2016


Hey peeps, so last week I was invited to Ariani's X Siti Nurhaliza's launching event that took place at the Royal Chulan Kuala Lumpur. This event is one of the big events Ariani does in a year and I feel so honoured that I was able to attend even with such a small profile. Since this event was one of the highlights of the year, I could see so many famous faces from celebrities, influencers, reporters and bloggers as well. So you must be wondering about Siti's new fashion line, not enough with cosmetics, now our favourite singer is going in the fashion business. So keep on reading for more deets peeps.

As you all may know, Ariani is a Hijab brand in Malaysia and is famous for their high quality and luxury line hijabs. So now, Siti Nurhaliza, which was once also their ambassador is now entering the fashion market with Ariani to produce her own line of hijabs and also muslimah fashion. Which they call 'ARIANI X SITI NURHALIZA' and 'ARIANI STOCKIST X SITI NURHALIZA.' These 2 lines are personally created by Siti Nurhaliza and you all will seriously be surprised with the outcome. Cause I know I am.

As Ariani's representative, Datin Farah Haryani in her speech said that Siti Nurhaliza is still the Face of Ariani for 2016, this is because Siti Nurhaliza represents an exclusive look to the brand and will also be one of the reasons why women in Malaysia would choose Ariani as their first selection for Hijabs. They also highlighted that Ariani wants to create a quality line of hijabs and Muslimah wear that is also affordable to be owned.

The show started up with showing the audience with hijab collections which featured Instant Hijabs and Shawls. This collection combines three important elements together which are exclusivity, modesty and contemporary. 

There are a few different collections of Instant Shawls and Hijab from Siti's line which are Instant Naureen, Instant Madonna, Instant Malvina, Instant Raaina, Instant Erina, Instant Avelyn. Most of the hijabs are made with high quality Chiffon and Bubble Georgette fabric.

There were also Instant Layla Deluxe, Instant Layla Glorious, Instant Layla Demure, Instant Layla Allure, Instant Majestic Basic and Instant Evelyn Magnifique. These collections are only sold with Ariani's authorised agents only, so if you're looking for them in Ariani stores you wouldn't be able top get them.

From my surprise, the collections were stunning, which I could say for normal people like me could wear. The designs are elegant but at the same time still simple to be worn on regular days. So it seems that Siti's collaboration with Ariani really did get the outcome they wanted, by reaching out to normal people.

Besides hijabs, Siti also featured her clothing line named Creacion by Siti Nurhaliza. She says that it has been her dream for such a long time and now finally she managed to get in the clothing business. Creacion features muslimah wear that are modernly chic, modesty and elegant. And I'm still surprised with the the collection itself. Therse ready to wear clothes are just so gorgeous.

There wasn't even one single piece of clothing that I found too scary to be worn. Most of the clothing's seems so casual and comfortable. Even I'm thinking to get one or two for myself. Prices start from RM89 and above.

All the lines above are personally created by Siti Nurhaliza herself for the selection of fabrics and to the designs. Overall I could say that Siti really have an eye to what normal people would wear and I'm not lying when I said the clothes were stunning, it really is. Even the other bloggers also agreed to  it. I hope to see more coming from this line soon, so if you are all wondering where to get this collection, you could head down to the nearest Jakel Mall. I bet you'll be stunned also.

So that's pretty much all peeps, I had so much fun during the fashion show, and it has also been a while since I've seen these faces. Anyways have a happy weekend peeps.


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