03 March 2016


Who here still have problems finding the right Spa? Speaking of Spa's, its kind of a sensitive place especially for muslim women since it involves our aurat. So this may cause a few of Muslim women to avoid going to the spa's. But if you find the right one, there should be no issue in pampering yourself once in a while, cause every women deserved to be pampered. Nowadays, there are a few Spa's opened just for Muslim Ladies, and one of them is Akma Beauty Spa.

Akma Beauty has 2 branches, one in Sungai Buloh and another at Bandar Melawati Kuala Lumpur. They provide services for pampering, such as facial and body massage. We can choose treatments and pampering packages that they offer which was quite a few according to our preferences, and they also do Slimming Treatment as well. Akma Beauty promises to only use Natural and organic ingredients for the scrubs and facial products too.

This Spa also produces its own products such as body scrubs and serums also. I didn't have a chance to take a further look on these products but from the looks of it, it already seems tempting.

So the Spa that I visited was their branch in Sungai Buloh. Till now I'm amazed with the interior itself. The place has that calm and elegance feel to it, almost like a five star hotel.

So the first treatment I had was a calming feet treatment. Forgive me if I get most of the terms incorrect. Its basically like a pedicure treatment for about 15 min before I started my treatment.

The treatment I did was Body Massage and Facial. Body Massage was about 30 minutes if not mistaken and facial took about 1 hour. Why this spa is considered a muslimah spa is because their employees are all muslim women. So our 'aurat' is more secure during treatment since its among our sisters. If you haven't been to a spa before, you will require a change of clothes and you would probably be half naked. It will be a bit embarrassing since not most of us are comfortable taking our clothes of and wearing robes. So since the employees are also  Muslim Women, its more comfortable since they are basically our sisters in Islam. 

Above are the rooms for treatment that they have in this spa. They also have 2 sauna's included. The rooms are comfortable as well and the air conditioner is just nice. The scent of the spa is also really calming and relaxing.

Overall I find the treatment here really pleasing. The employees are so nice and soft-spoken and they know their limits since spa treatment may be a bit uncomfortable to some people especially newbies. I myself had problems with insecurity issues with my body at first since but then I got used to it. Anyways, the treatments were just fine and pleasant. Their facial was nice and I almost fell in a deep sleep.

After treatment my face felt so alive. If feels so fresh like I just got a new face. LOL... All my blackheads and whiteheads were gone and it was so comfortable! So would I go there again? Probably yes, maybe for the 'Pengantin Package'. Hehe...

For more info you guys could head down to their pages:

Email: akmabeautyspa@gmail.com

NO, 79-1, Jalan Nautika A U20/A, Pusat Kormesil TSB,
Seksyen U20, 40160, Selangor.
Hp: +60136757569 Tel: +0361480136

No. 315C & 316C, Lrorong Selangor,
Pusat Bandar Melawati, 51300, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +60341476433

Till then peeps!


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