12 March 2016

5 Small Facts You Might Have Not Known About Me

Hey peeps, how's your weekend so far? So I've been MIA a lot recently and this blog feels a bit lonely to me. And I haven't been writing much about myself so I thought why not do a personal blogpost rather than reviews. So today I'm sharing with you guys the 5 things you might just not know about me. Keep on reading till the end and share with me your thoughts either you're surprised or you have already known that about me. I'm curious to know.

1. I used to have British Accent

I stayed in the UK about 4 years when I was a kid cause my father did his Masters and PhD there. I was only 4 years old when I arrived there and still learning how to speak properly. For my father education is really important, so he sent me and my younger sister to school as soon as possible. Since I was growing up with British kids, I started to talk like them as well, and my dad loved recording us on tape since me and my sister was such a babble mouth. And hearing it again when I'm all grown up like this, I can't believe that it was actually me.

You guys must be wondering why I don't have it now? Well lets say I came back to Malaysia at a very young age too and I got bullied for not being able to talk how the local kids do in school. I became passive and felt left out and didn't talk much until I wasn't able to speak english properly anymore, I was depressed. I tried adjusting to speak like the other kids did, 'broken english' because I wanted to fit in and I could say that was the biggest mistake I have ever did in my life. Even my dad said that he should have let me grow up first and be more matured before he placed me in a different environment. 

2. Super Active in School

Believe it or not, I was super active in High School, once I started gaining my confidence level. It all started when I made friends with positive people and being surrounding by positive people. I didn't care about bullies and labels anymore cause I finally managed to stand up for myself and know what I wanted to do, my mind was already set for positive things after PMR.

I joined the Police Cadet, The Theatre Club, The Music Club all at once and all these clubs were active and winning a lot of competitions. I entered Marching for the Police Cadet and the team participated in a lot of competitions until we were qualified for Nationals. It was an all girls club for our school but we all nailed it. This club really helped me a lot in teaching me how to work together as a group and discipline, training was hard and tough but I learnt so much from it.

The Theatre Club was one of the best clubs I ever joined cause we had such a passionate teacher. I got the female lead role and I didn't even know I could act. The theatre club was like a family back then and we all supported each other even though we were in different ranks of classes. Same goes to the Music Club, I joined the school's choir and loved it. I had so much fun during rehearsals, and even learnt how to play the keyboard and the guitar as well. All of these clubs I joined were with different people and I didn't have that one friend that did it all together with me, I pushed myself to act alone and try to interact with new people and it really helped boosting up my confidence level.

3. Eldest Daughter, Grand Daughter

I could say my survival skills are quite high, my parents taught me how to be independent and earn what I want myself. This also explains why I'm always saying I'm busy cause since I don't have any brothers or elder siblings, I feel the responsibility I hold within my family. Weekdays I'm doing what I have to do in Shah Alam and on weekends I'm back at my parents house for grocery shopping and taking my mum places where she needs to go and much more. I'm also the technician at home and the middle person for any business with TM, Astro and anything else like that. If there are any problems with electronics or they need a driver or anything else relevant, I'm the person they will call. Sometimes my parents call's me and ask really funny questions about technology which ends up me driving back home laughing.

4. Potter Addict

I am actually a bookworm, I even got 'Anugerah Nilam' in school. Thanks to a strict Dad I found pleasure in reading. I usually would read a book once and then done with it, I won't look back but J. K Rowling somehow casted a spell on her books. Almost every year I would read again Harry Potter books from the beginning until the end without skipping. I could still laugh, cry, and read non-stop for hours even if my hands get sore for holding the thick books. For now I still haven't found a book that could beat Harry Potter.

5. Freaking Cat Lady

Do you believe that I have almost 50 cats at my parents house? Well minus some that died, now there are 10. Actually the Cat Lady is my mum but this all started because of me. My friend had a few Persian kittens she wanted to let go since she already has too many cats. So she gave me one of her kittens which she said is a male, so I called it Gary. Several months I took care of Gary at my house in Shah Alam, and every weekend I'll bring Gary home to my mum's. So one weekend I had to leave Gary behind at my mum's cause I was going to Kelantan for my friend's wedding. After that mum and sisters wanted to keep it and even my father got attached. So I left Gary there, but turned out Gary is actually a female and we all had a big laugh.

Gary then got pregnant with 9 kittens for her first batch, some died and some lived, and then she got pregnant again with 7 kittens, some died and some lived, and then there was the 3rd batch, the 4th batch and I can't remember how many batches now. Even her kittens are getting pregnant with more kittens. So if any of you wants to adopt a kitten, please contact me. I have so many and another batch is on its way.

Since my family started to take care of cats, we all became more sensitive to see stray animals. Me and my family basically carries cat food everywhere now. Me and my dad have stock in our car, mum places some at her motorcycle and my sister always carry around some in her handbag.

So that's all peeps! That's basically a few things about me.  

If your curious about me head down to my blog and social media.

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  1. You reminds me of my good friend, she lived in US and moved to Malaysia at the age of 4 too and now she's a total manglish speaker lol!..but that's normal as ppl's way of living changes according to environment and it's only natural, your English doesn't sounds broken and is still pretty good to me anyway :)

    Aside, I love Harry Potter book too! <3

    1. Awhhhh.... Thanks babe. BTW did you here about J.K Rowling's new play? I so wanna see that. If only she could turn it into a book

  2. You reminds me of my good friend, she lived in US and moved to Malaysia at the age of 4 too and now she's a total manglish speaker lol!..but that's normal as ppl's way of living changes according to environment and it's only natural, your English doesn't sounds broken and is still pretty good to me anyway :)

    Aside, I love Harry Potter book too! <3

  3. Wahh! Something I really don't know about you Mira! Great to read this. British accent! walaweyhhh.. Hehehee..

    1. HAHAHA... Dah hilang dat british accent tu

  4. I am a Potterhead too!!! Give me 5!!! I remember I was 16 when the first movie came out in theaters and that was it! I was hooked!

  5. British accent laaaa, alaaa sayangnya. cuba try balik, kot2 dapat balik accent tu. Hehehehe sama, iday pon potter addict, banyak ulang-ulang baca buku, dari tengok movie tu. ehehehehe

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