17 February 2016


OMG! I have been wanting to share about these facial masks like forever now! I have even use it all up cause their just so damn good. LOL... No kidding, its all gone, I surely took a long time to do this review. I hope you guys understand why I'm MIA so much lately, but that is gonna change soon, I promise. So what about these mask and why are they so good?
Well keep on reading if your curious.

I recieved 11 sheets of these masks from Natta Cosme, which I have already taken pictures when I recieved them, but then it got lost somewhere in my laptop and I can't find it. Hehe.. Anyways, these were the masks that I was left with from 11 sheets. The Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask promises six goodness which are 100% cotton sheet, Moisturises, Soothes, Balances pH, Nourishes and also control oil. In one pack there is one mask and the mask feels so good. Maye cause its 100% cotton that it helps soothen the skin immediately. 

I've been addicted to these masks especially on a tired day. After I take a shower and wash my face, all I wanna do is lay down in bed and relax and these masks are just awesome to get me relaxed.

I'ved noticed that these masks helped a lot in making my skin feel fresh again. The mask promises to nourish and balances to soothe and refresh dry or sensetive skin. Also high quality pure cotton sheets are used which is soaked into a rich amount of serum that will help make the skin look young and healthy. Not only that, the fiber of the mask helps facial contours for better penetration of the active ingredients.

So if you guys are wondering where to get these facial mask, hop on down to Natta Cosme
You could directly purchase these mask here at
They are also having a great discount promotion now, so make sure to drop by.

Till then peeps!


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  4. HUHUHUHU I tengok comment you yg kat atas nie. Btw, I pun selalu juga pakai facial masks. This one I belum pernah try sebab I selalu guna facial mask dari Innisfree and I will try this one too.


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