21 February 2016


Good Morning peeps! So who here is a hijab lover? I know most Malaysians have an addiction to hijabs since most of us are always updated with the newest fashions and trends. Throughout the pass year, there has been so many new collections in the market and one of them is founded by one of our beautiful Malaysian actress Nora Danish. With her collection named OWL, it seems promising that we will be seeing more OWLS in the future. Curious about her collection? Well keep on reading.

Going through OWL by ND on Instagram, I found that OWL has several collections on hijab prints from shawls to bawals. The one I'm wearing is from the collection Lavish Love which is a wide bawal measuring 114.3 x 114.3cm. I don't wear basal anymore but this one is just the perfect size to be turned into a shawl. Plus the designs offered are just to tempting to resist. This collection offers three colours which consist of really nice soft pastel colours.

One of the most things I'm impressed with is the packaging for OWL. Suitable with the price of the hijabs, OWL seems to be taking good care of the little details too especially in packaging. The packaging itself describes the elegance of this line and giving it an exclusive feel to it. Not all famous hijab brands with quite a pricing takes packaging so seriously, but for me packaging is the image of a brand. I find the packaging so nice as well that I think this would be just suitable to be sent as a 'hantaran'.

Talking about packaging is actually a bonus to a brand, but the real thing is the quality of the brand itself. For me I find it so hard to change hijabs since I'm not so comfortable with a lot of hijab materials nowadays. Some are just slippery, too crumpled, too hard to wear and so many more reasons why I rarely purchase unfamiliar hijabs. But for the OWL line I'm really impressed, its not so small and not so big and it's not see through. I really hate when hijabs are made see through, its like no point even wearing it. 

This is another line from OWL from the Blossom For Us Collection which also has three color options to choose from. This one is a shawl measuring 173 x 60cm which is just the right size to style a hijab without having to do extra 'lilit' cause the shawl is not see through and its able to cover up the chest area too. Another thing why I'm loving the materials from OWL is that its not slippery. If most of you noticed, I'm not the type to wear an inner hijab since I usually get headaches if it gets too hot. So its kinda hard for me to wear different styles of hijabs cause I'm unable to wear an inner piece. So a non-slippery material is so important for me to make sure my hijab stays in place the whole day without making me look like a total mess.

Overall I could day I'm pretty satisfied with the hijabs, even though its a bit pricey but its worth it. I may not recommend this as an everyday hijab, but for once in a while special occasions, these hijabs are the perfect match since it has that really nice elegance design to it. I know not many middle class people would be willing to spend a lot on just a hijab, but at least having one or two from OWL would do since there are times where we really need to look nice for a special occasion. Anyways it all depends on you and your style of hijab. If you're curious for more designs by OWL, head down to their instagram now and check them out.


Till then peeps!
Have a great weekend.


  1. Suka jugak tgk tudung print macam ni. serious cantik! so far Mira beli TudungPeople je la. but all of them yg mono colours sbb Mira suka kosong je. hehe belum berani lagi kot.
    love your looks dear!
    Pretty Little Things: Beauty Haul | February

  2. Eh. Cantiklah collection dia sebenarnya.

    Jemput baca: http://nurulzayani.blogspot.com/

  3. beautiful prints!
    btw.. singgah sini.. jemput follow blog sy ye..

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