14 February 2016


Hey peeps! Miss me? I know I've been MIA a lot, I really miss this blog I do, but the end of 2015 going on to 2016 was really hectic. This is because of my final year project then my thesis and then I moved to another place. With just 2 weeks after studies I could hardly find time to rest and as soon as I know it I'm reporting to work already.

I've been thinking a lot actually, to work or not to work. I really wanted to focus on my blog and catch up on blogposts before I actually start working, but I kept having money issues. I've been independent for a while and to asks for money from parents nowadays I feel so ashamed, I even don't know why. Its not like my parents don't want to give, its just that I feel I want to prove myself that I could take care of myself now and manage myself financially. 

As a student my parents would give my allowance every week so at the end of the week I know I could eat big cause next week I'll get my allowance again. But this semester I could say I rarely ask for money cause Alhamdulillah, during my final semester rezeki dari blog banyak and even for my final project I didn't even ask a cent from my parents. Total up almost RM1200 was the cost for my final project. I even didn't expect that I managed to handle my money until the end of my project which was just enough. At times where my bank accounts reaches 2 digits, email masuk, ada job, Alhamdulillah, Allah bagi rezeki.

I could say, rezeki tak pernah putus when I set my mind to it, and now and facing another challenge. I'm struggling with my comfort zone, I've been to comfortable with my own time without having to be tied with time. But now I have and it's quite hard to break the habit of having my own time. Even though I've been busy during my studies but at least I have my own time to adjust except for classes and that's just a few hours. Most of the time I'm at home and from their I get all my work done according to my comforbility.

So after years like that, changing my daily routine is tough on me. I still ain't able to move on from my comfort zone. Going out before sunrise and back at dawn, I can hardly see the sun if I keep this up. I wonder how some people are able to be so flexible with office work, but for me I hardly have anytime to steal at work. The work is totally draining me and sometimes I have to work of the clock without any OT provided. And I keep thinking, I'm wasting my time cause now its free labour. I could get home and complete my blogposts and other works that could generate my 2nd income.

Its not that I'm complaining, I know that a fresh grad to score a job now is so hard and I'm lucky to have scored one straight away after my studies. I got several job offers too but this one was able to give a higher pay than the other companies which was in the field that I studied. But when I started the job, it was not like how I imagined it. Easy to say that I'm growing to not like my job and it's not a good move for long term.

I so want to do something that I love and fall in love with my work, but for now I so cannot. I still cannot accept the fact of my job scope there, I kinda feel like I've been decieved or something. But for now I'm trying to think as positive as I can, maybe try and hold on for a couple of months before I start my next move, since I'm already seeing that I can't have a future there.

What do you guys think? Is it normal to be like this or am I just too spoiled? Cause my heart keeps saying I could do something better than this but I'm still a coward to follow my guts since money issues are still attached to me. All I could think right now is that I need to stable myself.

I'm sorry if this post might have offended you somehow, its been a while since I'ved wrote something like this in my blog, cause I so feel like sharing right now. Anyways, I think this is all, I'm now trying to complete reviews and delayed posts for months. So I hope I could get half of them done by today and start sharing with you guys by next week. Wish me luck and hope I could hear suggestions from you all.

Love ya!
Till then peeps


  1. People have flexibility in their office work mostly because they work smart. Try looking into your working hours and see what are the things you can improve to cut the time to do it for example. Managing your work, priorities and whatnot. Planning also very important. But yeah, these are probably the things you already know.
    The thing with work vs passion, it's all in your heart, not others. You need to have courage to really step outside of your comfort zone. Seek opinions from people that really matter to you and balance things out with your needs and most importantly, when you have doubts, Allah is always there to give you guidance.
    Good luck, dear! Be strong and healthy.
    The other Mira | Pretty Little Things

    1. Thank you Kak. I'm trying to think as positive as I can, and thank you again for the advise. I find it really hard to step out from my comfort zone but Alhamdulillah, I could still manage to cope with it until now.

  2. if you dont like it, find something else and leave. it's not worth anything to stay. been there gone through. you have my support all the time babe, i'm just a whatsapp away, dont forget that okay? *hugs*

    1. Awhhh thanks babe. Mmg ingat nak whatsapp, but balik kerja is so tiring. I could barely do anything else except for sleep. How are you surviving this kind of work babe?

  3. awak.. kita rasa kan, semua orang perlu kan masa utk biasakan diri dgn situasi baru. bayi yng lahir pun tk terus berlari kan. based on my experienced, apa yang liz tk suka at first moment tu sebenarnya beri bnyk faedah utk future liz. tp apa2 pun terpulang utk cuba dl atau cr yg baru.

    1. Thanks Liz. Mmg betul pun cakap Liz, setiap orang patut rasa susah dulu pada awal so bila in the future we already have that experience. Its just that getting through it needs extra mental strength to it. hehe

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