21 January 2016

Hello 2016!

Hello 2016! Finally I get to write again! I think it is almost a month I stopped blogging, I totally had to focus on my final semester which was hectic. Fuhhhh... Finally done with my Degree Show and my academic writing, I feel so relieved. Now I could start back focusing on my blog which I have so much I wanna do. Butttttttt I can't promise how long I could be back since I'm starting work in another 2 weeks. T_T

I know so fast but I have to start earning to support myself and depending on blogging alone isn't enough yet. But no worries, I'll try my best to keep my blog alive and healthy.

So just a short post today, I'm in the midst of moving to another house so I'm pretty much occupied with a lot of things to handle. And I have great news to share with you guys soon so stay tuned to my updates. I might be MIA for a while in Facebook or Instagram but I've been really addictive to snapchat recently.

Add me for updates: miracikcit
And maybe I'll follow you back too

Have a great week ahead peeps!


  1. cuba buat tutorial macam mana nak guna snapchat...huhu...tak reti gak ni..hahaha

  2. Baru tau ada apps bernama Snapchat. Hahah.


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