18 December 2015


Hey peeps! So have you ever had a time where you have extra money to spend but your so busy to go out for some leisure time? And sometimes your even too busy to go on your computer and do some shopping online? Well, now technology is advanced, no matter how busy you are, you could shop anytime and anywhere cause there is a cool app now where you could just download it in your smartphone. And I bet no one nowadays goes anywhere without their smartphones right? So are you curious about what app I'm talking about cause I'm sure for those who love shopping on a budget would also love this.
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Let me introduce to you to Shopee.
Shopee is a mobile marketplace designed for both buyers and sellers to enjoy fast, smooth and safe transactions. This means that not only could you shop here at Shopee but could also sell your stuff as well!
They have in-app functions, that you can easily turn your pre-loved into cash and share it with your friends! No fret cause, Shopee Guarantee ensures that the seller ships only after the buyer has paid, and the buyer’s payment is transferred to the seller only after receiving the product. So there will be no more online cheating in this world ever again! Yeayyy...

After going through Shopee I found how many interesting items I wanna get hold too. There is too much to choose from, from Skincare, Makeup, Clothing and much more. I could also see my favourite brands selling in here. I also found weird and funny items sold there but how cool is that? You don't normally see this in regular stores right?
I also got a few things for myself as well

This brown shawl from Adana Gallery, the colour is stunningly nice. I rarely wear shawls like this, but once in while its nice to have a change.

Another thing I got is face masks from one of my favourite brands. Thanks to Wako Beauty I managed to get these without a hassle. I got these Innisfree Aloe mask, Blackberry mask, Green tea and Manuka honey mask. These masks looks so tempting and I'ved tried the Aloe Mask already and its like the lightest mask that I have ever worn. It somehow felt that there was nothing on my face, and the feeling after using the mask was just great. Finally my skin felt more alive after weeks of busy days. I hardly have rest on weekends, so its nice to pamper myself after a long time.

The next items I got was this cool eyeliner. As most of you know, I'm a big fan of liquid eyeliners, for me liquid eyeliners are like the star product of my makeup. LOL.. So it kinda fascinated me to get hold on different brands of liquid eyeliners. Which this one I got from Coco Waah
From all of the shopping done, it was such a bargain. I found that the prices were really cheap, compared to some other platforms. And don't worry, cheap does not mean fake. All the products from Shopee are guaranteed authentic.
So what are you waiting for, there are items calling your name already. Head down to Shopee's online site to get a rough view now. Or maybe just download the app would be better, cause now you could keep updated no matter where you are. During those boring times either waiting for someone, or waiting to get your order at a restaurant, or either your to stressed out to pay attention in class, there is always Shopee to clear your mind for a while. Hehe

Wait just yet, if your planning to go to the site now, make sure you remember my discount code below. What have I tell you? Shopee really is a bargain right? No more burning a hole in your wallet anymore, so head down to Shopee now!

Value: RM20

· Limited to first 200 users only. 
· Valid till 31st December 2015, 11.59pm only.
· Valid for first time users only.
· Valid for one time use only.
· Minimum spend of RM 50 is required.
· Not applicable to tickets, vouchers, mobile top-ups and bill payments categories.
· Promo code must be entered at the Checkout page. 
· Applicable to payments involving Shopee Guarantee only.

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