19 December 2015


Hye peeps.. Every heard of Cathy Doll from Karmat before? Well this Thai based Korean inspired beauty brand has officially made its way to the Malaysian market. I was kinda surprised also on how well this brand in known cause as I was making my way to the carpark after the launch, a few girls stopped me and ask where did I buy these Karmart items, since I was holding a gigantic Karmart paper bag. LOL... So no worries ladies, no need to "pening-pening", cause they are coming in your local drugstores.

Karmart Malaysia is bringing in many different beauty and cosmetic products ranging from facial, body, makeup, perfume and a lot more. The launched also brought in Cathy Doll's Hanazakari Lip Matte lipstick shine, Snail Whitening cream, L-Glutathoine Magic Cream and many more.

I must say that the Cathy Doll Giesha range really impressed me, now I know why some of these products has been a hot topic in other South East Asian Countries such as Thailand of course, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and also Vietnam.

The CC compact powder and also CC Cream looked stunning as well with cute animal prints.

There were also a range of essence which had different types of functions for the skin.

But what I loved the most where their Makeup. Their Hanazakari Lip Matte Lipsticks were just stunning! I wished I could own all of it, and also their eyeshadow. Do you see the colours? It's so pretty and I'm already imagining the look I could create with these colours.

And here are live models of the colour of Hanazakari Lipsticks. All of us are wearing a different colour and all of them look great right? Hehe

So a big thank you to Karmart Malaysia for inviting us for their launch in Malaysia. It was such an honour, and I'm expecting to see more different ranges of makeup from them soon. For now, why not drop by your nearest Guardian store and check them out for yourself. You might just end up getting one coincidentally. LOL

Till then peeps


  1. Comel2 barang mekup dia.. Geram lak tengok.. Rasa nak grab je nanti

  2. geram makeup kau weh mira,please ajar seorang kakak yang noob ni,hahaha

  3. hey babe~ I'm actually looking for a way to check whether a product that i got as a gift is authentic or not. Would really appreciate if you do. I got the Speed White CC Cream and there's a Karmart pink sticker on the box but I just wanna make sure before applying it on my face.

    1. Hye! So sorry but I don't think I could help you with this. Cause I didn't notice if there were any stickers on the packaging last time I saw it.

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  5. Suka tgk packaging dia...
    So cuteee..
    Kalau i blik thailand...mesti i borong kt sana puas2

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  8. Ktmana bole dptkn eyeshadow hajirai tuu

  9. Ktmana bole dptkn eyeshadow hajirai tuu


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