06 December 2015


Hey peeps! So I'm back again this time to share about bags. I bet most of you ladies out there have a crave for bags right? I may not be totally addicted to bags but I sure will love at least one good bag in my hands. For a middle class person, I may know that some prefer cheap bags maybe not fake, but 3rd grade or 4th grade bags to collect. But I'm also sure that deep down inside, that you would want at least one original bag to show off for certain events. Cause society nowadays really do have an eye for judging from the bag you wear, don't you think? What if I tell you a secret how to get an original bag directly from the land that basically invented brands with a price much cheaper than you could get in Malaysia.

Excited? Keep on reading then...

Bags, purses, shoes, shirts or just anything you could think off from high-end brands in the land of Paris just name it, cause there's no limit. Brands from Prada, Furla, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Longchamp, Chanel and many more familiar brands all are available and you could request what bag you want even if it's the newest design that has not even arrived in Malaysia yet. Awesome right? You just might be the first to own the latest designs because you have opened your eyes and heart to a trusted personal shopper, 'AspettoKL'.

What is AspettoKL? Well AspettoKL is actually a SERVICE. They do not sell bags or high-end products, they help you purchase them and send it into your hands. They are considered as your PERSONAL SHOPPER direct from Europe. Why from Europe? Cause the don't purchase your bags here, but directly from Europe. So what you will be receiving are brands from their ORIGINAL BOUTIQUE in Europe.
Example of Europe countries they take order are Paris, Amsterdam, Italy and etc.
Yes people, these bags are from their Boutiques itself, so you could brag about that. If you don't believe me you could check out their Instagram yourselves cause they will update their shopping trip in Europe and always keep you updated about your bags status.

So the question is, how can the bags be cheap if the bags are original? Is there any trick to that? Well there's no trick actually, this is basically logical thinking. Cheap are not in terms of RMXXX.00 cheap like that. The prices of the bags will be cheaper than the prices offered in Boutiques in Malaysia. This is because they include tax and so on, but for the bags brought from AspettoKL, they are purchasing the bags for the price at Europe which is obviously much cheaper than in Malaysia.
And don't worry about shipping, cause they do not ship the bags which would of course take months to arrive. The bags go on flight with them as they return home to Malaysia. Awesome right? Just take AspettoKL as your friend that's coming back from overseas which you would usually say, 'Kirim Weh'. LOL

Enough explained. So how do I purchase from them? Well its rather easy actually. All you have to do is follow their Instagram and check out their posts. Find a bag you adore and then whatsapp them at +60132062360. Easy right?
Since the bags are requiring quite a sum of money, AspettoKL allows instalment plans with 3 times payment. Every month there will be a trip to Europe, so just make sure you finish up paying for the bag before that trip, or you could always wait for the next trip if you still can't pay for it.
And don't worry cause they always have records of payment.

If there is also a bag you found through the boutiques website but AspettoKL has not uploaded any pictures of it. No fret cause you could always request that bag from them and they will give you a rough price first until they reach Europe.

Overall I find this service from AspettoKL really great cause for people that has no ideas about bags either its genuine or not, I could just simply purchase them direct from Europe with the help of a trusted personal shopper. And to think of it again, since bags are quite a big piece for 'hantaran' which is only once in a life, I just might want to introduce AspettoKL to my boyfriend now. At least I know that my bag on the 'dulang hantaran' is gonna be an original piece. Hehe..

More Info:

WhatsApp: +6013 206 2360

Till then peeps!


  1. wow.. that's great sharing! I want my Prada bag! <3

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  3. yang warna hijau tu cantik laaaa! serius cantik, sebenarnya tak kisah pon kalau harga mahal tapi kualiti bagus and tahan lama. I should grab one later. hehehe

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