21 November 2015


Hey peeps, so last week I attended an event to meet up with the founder of Rysya Skincare. A big thanks to Halim Brothers for the invite. Anyways, Rysya Skincare is one of Malaysia's new skincare brands and is made here in Malaysia by Thames Skincare Sdn Bhd. The face for Rysya Skincare is the famous Rozita Che Wan, so now we know how she stays very pretty despite her age. She looks more stunning than a 20 year old don't you think? So if your curious about this brand, keep on reading cause I'm sure you might be surprised.

So the products of Rysya are said to be imported from overseas and made in Malaysia. Mrs Lin, the founder of Rysya Skincare says that only premium and quality ingredients are used to make this brand. So this product is considered the same level as premium brands we have in the market. Above is Rysya's Cleanser and Toner. What I have to say is, I certainly love their bottles, since both are pumps, its more easier and hygienic to be used. 

The cleanser is like a gel and it doesn't create much foam to it, which is a good thing actually. And a big thumbs up for the toner. I think all toners must be in a spray form, its more easy and convenient even when you run out of cotton pads. The cleanser contains Vitamin C and Licorice while the toner has Photo Placenta Extract and Vitamin B3. These ingredients helps for anti-ageing and soothes the skin.

For their star product, it's these 2 creams which are the Miracle Cream and also the Gold Serum which contains 24K Gold particles. These creams are to be worn together. First apply the Gold Serum and wait for a few minutes to make sure that the serum is fully absorbed into the skin first, then only the Miracle Cream is to be applied. 

If you look closely in the Gold Serum, you could see little gold particles. Gold is a really good ingredient to help the flow of blood and to minimise the lost of collagen in our skin. Cause as we tend to get older, collagen in our skin reduces, that is why our skin without proper treatment will loose it's youth's. This serum also contains pullulan, Glycine Soja and Red Algae. This serum is scentless but absorbs really well to the skin. The only problem is that it's not that hygienic if you don't use it with a spatula. Once opened, this product could only be used for 3 months only.

For the Miracle Cream, what I could say is the scent is heavenly. Since the other products are scentless, this cream gives a nice finishing with its smell. I could get addicted to the smell. So for this cream it contains Red Algae, Soy Placenta Extract and Virgin Coconut Oil. These ingredients help for  hydrating and soothing the skin. The texture is a bit oily but it absorbs nicely, but still I hope that the bottle changes to a pump soon since I find these kinds of bottles are really not suitable for skincare anymore. It's a hassle to maintain the goodness of the product after opening the bottle.

Overall I find this product much more suitable for those who have reached their middle twenties and above since this product is for Anti-Ageing. The 24K serum really seems to have promising results and their cleanser and toner are not bad either. They also have a Body Scrub made from Birds Nest, I was excited to try that out actually, but sadly they are out of stock already.
Anyways, if your looking to purchase this, they have about 50 stockist around Malaysia and their product ranges from RM25.00 to RM140.00 each. The total for the whole set is about RM350+ I suppose.

For more Info
Email: sales@rysya.com
Webpage: www.rysya.com
Instagram: @rysyaskincare / #rysyaskincare
Facebook: www.facebook.com/rysyaskincare
Whatsapp: 019-7388866 / Office: 03-78318669

Till then peeps!


  1. ooooo.. inilah rahsia sebenar che ta ke..
    baru taulah.. patutlah suci jer muka che takan

  2. Che ta memang lawaa! She look gorgeous and younger than her real age. Nice dapat jumpa mira during that event. Menggilaaa habis! Hahahaa..

  3. Lps ni kita yg dah tau rahsia cek ta akan cantik seperti dia..hehhee


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