07 November 2015


Hey peeps! So here is another compact powder from Maybelline which just might interest you. It has been a while in the market, but I have had it since it launched. I was introduced to this compact powder during attending Stevan Sunny's workshop with Maybelline Malaysia a few months ago and after months trying it out, I thought why not just do a review.
So keep on reading if you wanna know more.

Name: Maybelline New York Dream Satin Skin Compact Powder
Price: RM42.90
Highlights: Includes SPF 32 PA+++, Non Cakey Formula, Ultra Breathable Finish
Purchase: All Major Pharmacies

As you could see the packaging for this Dream Satin is just similar as Maybelline New York White Superfresh Cake Powder, the only difference is the colour. Honestly I just love the design, it looks clean and simple and I don't have to worry about scratches when carrying it around. But a nice packaging alone does not make the powder perfect, the question is, does the powder really does it work?

Well, stated at the back of the box, this compact powder is a Skin Liquid Foundation for and ultra flawless coverage. So it means that there is no use to use foundation with this powder I suppose. Since it has a one- film technology, it provides an ultra thin layer with refined powder. But does it really work? Again that question is asked, since its promising a lot.

I own 2 shades which is Sand Beige and also Natural. Since I'm slighter dark, I gave the natural shade to my mum. The inside of the powder looks exactly the same as the super fresh powder and somehow I felt like the texture of both powders are exactly the same.

So after months using this Dream Satin I could conclude that it doesn't do a good job if you want a full coverage. Using it with foundations makes it cakey and it doesn't last long. But what I noticed, it works really well by using the powder itself. It blends really well with my skincare and I have been using this powder to class almost every day since I don't wear a single makeup to class. It lasts up until the evening even on a busy day. Why I like this compact powder is that it creates a flawless look with just a thin layer of the powder, since I don't really have time to put on powder properly in the morning. I just dap dap dap and I'm on my way. 
Hence, I recommend this powder for everyday use only and for those who love light makeup without the use of foundation. And yes, since it's a matte finish, it makes the skin feel great with feeling sticky after applying skincare cream. 

Till then peeps!


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