04 November 2015


Hey peeps! I'm back after a while. Last month was crazy, I merely had time to eat sometime but still I made sure I had some social activities going not. I'm might end up crazy if I keep on focusing on work all the time. Anyways back to the main topic of this post. If you remembered my post earlier last month, I attended Clinique's private event and received a full sized bottle of their new Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. This was my very first product from Clinique so I was super happy when I received it and really couldn't wait to experiment with it at home. A month has passed and are you curious about what I think about this foundation now?
Keep on reading then peeps

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer 
Price: RM132.00 (30ml)

Allergy Tested
100% Fragrance Free
Ophthalmologist Tested
Formulated for Asian Skins
Moderate to Full Coverage
Natural Finish

All Clinique Counters

More Info:

My first impression looking at the foundation is that it was rather big than I expected since the pictures in the posters made it look small just like a normal concealer but its size was like any other foundation. With the glass bottle it really made the foundation look elegant and the packaging also is really pretty and classy.

What is different for this foundation compared to others is that this foundation includes with a magic wand, just like our concealers. But the wand is slightly bigger which makes it more easy to take right amount of foundation when used. The top of the bottle is really helpful so that even multiple times used it still won't make a mess at the bottle. You know what I mean right? Somehow I can't seem to find the exact words to explain.

The tip of the magic wand looks exactly like a concealer brush right? Well it functions pretty much the same since its a 2 in 1 product.

And this is how you apply. The left is for concealer and the right is for foundation. The concealer is applied by using the tip of the wand and applying foundation is by using the side of the wand. As you could see the wand collects just the right amount to be used which makes applying really easy and clean.

This product gives a medium to full coverage which creates a really smooth look without even having to use powder. The texture too isn't oily and absorbs really fast to the skin. After blending it properly, it feels like the foundation is like powder but you won't get a matte look unless you apply a bit of powder.

I have been using this product almost at every event that I have attended to now, I can't seem to go for another foundation since this Beyond Perfecting Foundation is just beyond perfect. If I could I would use this everyday but since its a high end product I just feel like I need to save this for occasions only since I'm still a student and you know why. LOL
But honestly, if you look closely you would see that this foundation gives a really nice no makeup, makeup look. This is one of the reasons why I can't seem to move on to other foundations. I also love how easy it is to apply the foundation without having to get my hands dirty. I managed to do my makeup in 15 minutes with this product and still look neat.
Overall, you could have guessed already that I'm loving this product. It's weightless and its easy to blend. It even makes me look flawless.

Till then peeps


  1. I've been using this foundation every day to work, it's perfect and it changes my perception towards foundation coz I used to hate wearing foundation as they are usually heavy and thick. Yes, it is beyond perfect and I think I'm gonna stay loyal for a long time with this one :)

  2. in love with this foundation too...easy to apply and well blend to the skin... :)

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