28 November 2015


Hey peeps! Finallyyyyy this post is up, it has been in my draft for ages now but I didn't have time to write an elaborated post about it. If you are still unfamiliar to this brand, well this brand is founded by +Sabrina Tajudin , Malaysian Beauty Blogger that has an insane addiction to Beauty Products especially brushes. She said since most quality brushes here in Malaysia are so expensive, why not just create her own, and in the end she did. Her first brush launched was the Face Luxe Brush which is one of my favourite brush now. So now, she launched 2 new brushes and it's specifically for the eyes. Interested? Well keep on reading then

The 2 new brushes launched are the Basic Eyeshadow Brush and the Brow Definer Brush. The packaging this time is in baby pink with a touch of golden details. Basically the boxes are the same but is differentiated by stickers at the upper top of the box with coloured coding's.

Then to the brushes, the handles are just similar to her previous brush, The Face Luxe Brush only that the handle is smaller. The brushes are so soft and don't worry cause these brushes are made from quality synthetic fibre so it's 100% halal to be used. The brush on the left is the Basic Eyeshadow Brush which is basically the first brush to be used when applying eyeshadow. The depth and size is just perfect to collect the right amount of product an to blend it well. The one on the right is the Brow Definer Brush, I don't really know how to use brushes to create my brows so I used this to apply eyeliner effects and it does the job pretty well.

For me, I love it when makeup brushes stands out since I love to display my brushes on my makeup table. It looks so luxurious even though I don't own like a room full of makeup, it really soothes the eyes which such a pretty space. A big thumbs up to Breena Brushes that finally made a affordable brush look so expensive. White and gold carvings are just so pretty. Both brush basically has the same height which is just perfect to use. I hate it when a brush is too long, its hard to look at the mirror, but when it's too short it's not comfortable enough to hold. So this length is just perfect. 

I have been using this brush for months now and I have lost count on how many times I cleaned it. The best part of these brushes is the white tip on top, which easily motivates me to clean my brushes. I really can't stand uncleaned brushes. Overall I could say that these brushes does their job nicely, if you been watching my youtube channel lately you would see that I have used these brushes in my videos. For me these brushes are just the right size and helps applying eyeshadow for the perfect blend. The only cons I'm having with these brushes are that after a while you could see a slight change in the handle, it easily gets dirty cause it's white and I could also see a few crack lines at my Face Luxe Brush. But still cleaning the brushes are just easy.

Sabrina says there will be another 5 brushes for the eyes coming up so I'm really excited to get my hands on the other five brushes. In fact these 2 brushes are so comfortable to use and I'm thinking to repurchase a couple more of these brushes cause 1 is just not enough.

More Info
Price: RM25 each
Website / Purchase: http://breenabeauty.com

Till then peeps


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