23 October 2015


OMG! I know what your thinking peeps. Miraaaaaaaaaaa... post apa ni? HAHA... Cium? Berani mati punya tajuk, macam ada pengalaman. LOL.. Well these CiUM Lip Balms are truly gonna make people talk since this is a one of kind balm offered here in Malaysia. Why? Well keep on reading then.

These products were sent to me for review purposes

CiUM Kissing Lip Balm
Price: RM75.00 Promotion: RM29.00  Set: RM40.00

CiUM is Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm and is used solely for kissing. Singles can buy too, just that they need to apply one on top lip and another on bottom lip and squeeze lips together to get a fusion of flavours.
CiUM Sambal/Ais
CiUM Meeko/S'berry

CiUM Jumbo/Ying
CiUM Zac/Kimmy

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So how did the CiUM Lip Balm came to be invented? Well this product was because of a long distance relationship with his girlfriend who is also a pilot. She was based in Manila and he normally travel back and forth to see her. His lips would get cracked because of the dry air and therefore he would use lip balm. However most lip balm is either too oily or bland and does not have a good aftertaste. So he decided to try and develop a kissing lip balm. Each partner choose a flavour and apply on their lips. When they kiss, the flavours mix and produces a sensation that intensifies kissing.

Interesting story, but Muslims who ain't married yet. Don't you dare use it for that purpose! Haha... 
But you could still use it since it's a Lip Balm. As long as you use it for that purpose it would be fine.

As you know already CiUM is a kissing lip balm, so how to use CiUM if your single? Well to get the mix flavours taste for singles is to apply one balm on the upper lips and another on the lowers lips. 

So how did it go with me? So I applied both on my lower and upper lips. Once applied you could taste the flavour instantly, both balms have a really strong taste. I received Strawberry and Meeko. Strawberry tasted like strawberries and Meeko tasted like mocha like that, but I'm not so sure about that. When mixed together the taste is really strong, its like you just had candy. If you put your tongue at your lips, you could easily taste it and its super sweet. Not only does it gives a sweet sensation but it cools the lips as well. It also moisturises the lips well so the functions as a balm is great.

From my opinion, this product wouldn't be so great for singles cause somehow I didn't quite like the strong taste. But I'm sure for married couples this product might be something they would like. Now I think I know what to get for my friends as a wedding gift. LOL... Honeslty, I have trouble choosing wedding gifts, and I think a gift like this would put a smile on them since this is something new and unique and yeahhh... you know why. HAHA

Overall the lip balms works really well and moisturises the lips but I don't really like the strong taste. The name is so catchy and somehow it sounds cute. The packaging on the other hand is a bit lacking, it doesn't seem to fit the concept of the product. I hope there will be an upgrade on the packaging soon since I'm already thinking to order a few more of these as wedding gifts for my friends. 

Yeahhh, I have reached the age where all my friends are getting married and I'm still single. LOL... I hope they would upgrade the packaging at make it look more exclusive since we can't find these in stores.

Till then peeps


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