12 September 2015

Life Update: September 2015

Hey peeps! Miss me? I know I've been MIA a while, but life has been really hard and time seems not to be on my side. I wish I could do a lot of things, and I have been planning a lot, but time runs so fast. Seems like 24 hours is too short now. I need more time and energy.

So as some of you may have already known, I just started my final semester for degree and the struggle is real! HAHA... Just only one week and I feel like giving up, but awesome people never quit right? HAHA... 
This week has been rough, my mum has been admitted to the hospital and it adds up more pressure. My mum is the superhero of the house, without my mum everything seems so hard, especially for my dad which can't seem to sit down peacefully. It
Responsibility is what is making me strong right now. I had thoughts that I just wanna be selfish and get on what I wanna do, but no, I wasn't raised to be that kind of person. 
Now my mum is safely at home now and I feel a bit peaceful to blog eventhough I have piles of things to do right now.
I wanna write more but I'm starting to get a headache, maybe cause I lack in sleep these few days. Hope you guys will be patient and wait for more upcoming posts. Once I get everything back on track I have so much things to share with you guys.

Till then peeps
Enjoy the rest of your weekend


  1. stay strong dear. moga ibu kamu cepat keluar wad

  2. mira,rindu kauuuuuuu...semoga mak awak sihat selalu ye awk ...rindu

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  5. 24 hours is like 12 hours nowdays :(

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