26 August 2015


Broadway addicts just like me sure can't get enough of Broadways. Now Milestone Entertainment is bringing in Saturday Night Fever The Musical where Bee Gee's fans should not miss this out. Starting from John Travolta's legend in the film Saturday Night Fever, this award winning musical has surely captured many hearts with their amazing storyline and dance moves and also their great talents. The casting for search of talents was a really big deal for this musical, so expect a breathtaking performance by a great line of talents. Can't wait!

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The dedicated creative forces behind the new tour production of Saturday Night Fever the Musical sheds some light about their journey in injecting a fresh take on this 38-year-old beloved story without losing its heart and core

When John Travolta signed up to play Tony Manero in the film Saturday Night Fever, little did he know that the film would propel him to be an icon. This Hollywood star’s career would often be associated with his performance on this film, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2017. Even today, fans will not be able to forget how he brought a mix of toughness and vulnerability to the disco-loving Tony and how perfectly executed his dance moves were in all the dance sequences. Plus, the chemistry Travolta shared with co-star Karen Lynn Gorney in and outside of the dance floor, who played the role of Stephanie Mangano certainly added to the heart of the film.

Therefore, when Casting Director Tara Rubin and Kaitlin Shaw were doing the casting search for its talents for the stage production of Saturday Night Fever the Musical that will be touring Asia, they were mindful of the iconic status the film enjoyed and important it was to set the standards high—as they had always done in their jobs for Broadway shows. “We approached casting this tour the same way we would a Broadway show. We knew it would be a first-class production. So we looked for great talents who seemed authentic to the time and place of the film. We were also aware that we needed actors experienced enough to star in the show and play these iconic roles,” said Rubin.

Aside from Rubin, Shaw and award winning director of the musical Bobby Garcia, TINA Award choreographer Vince Pesce were also involved in the audition process. “The main cast, especially Tony, have to dance very well. He needs to be a triple threat and a star dancer so we put our auditioners through several challenging dance routines,” said Vince.

Eventually, the cast unveiled their choice of their leads after rigorous rounds of audition. Broadway talents Brandon Rubendall and Jenna Rubaii were chosen for the roles of Tony Manero and Stephanie Mangano, respectively. “When Brandon and Jenna walked into audition, I knew immediately that they were Tony and Stephanie. They possess that complex combination of grit and vulnerability and are both terrific actors. Add to that they are excellent singers and dancers. The triple threat combination is not easy to find,” said director Bobby Garcia. 

To bring the reality of the film’s era onto the stage, TONY Award winning scenic designer David Gallo, who have collaborated with Garcia a few times in the past, put a lot of effort to create the right mood and environment so the narrative of the musical is complete. “What's exciting about the set for Saturday Night Fever is the way we will bring the audience into two worlds of Brooklyn. The drab and grey streets by day that magically transform into color filled nights of excitement in the disco,” said Gallo on what audiences will expect once the show starts on September 4th at Istana Budaya, KL. 

Pesce, who grew up in the 70’s in the same neighbourhood where the movie was filmed, had a clear memory of the disco movement and how the film had impacted him and his community. He thought long and hard about the moves he would be choreographing for the cast to perform alongside the iconic tunes of Bee Gees’ Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, How Deep is Your Love, If I Can’t Have You, Jive Talkin and More Than a Woman. 

“I did go back and look at the movie again just to make sure that I captured the gritty, dynamic and social movement that shifted popular dance as we knew it. You will definitely see the hustle, the finger point and lots of exciting disco dancing. But we also have to create a world of 70’s movement that does not take place in the disco as well—essentially, the pulse, frustration and energy of the streets of Brooklyn. Plus, today’s sophisticated audiences are accustomed to the intricate and dynamic dance styles from shows such as Dancing with the Stars and so we have to deliver expanded dance sequences that will thrill,” he opined.

All in all, with these dedicated and reputable cast and award winning creative team members spearheading this tour production, audiences from different walks of life can be assured that they will be entertained from start to finish. With every selection process and details carefully produced in the eyes of the many award winners on-board this musical, audiences can expect a thrilling and colourful play!

Tony and friends heating up the dance floor 
The Broadway International Production of Saturday Night Fever The Musical Asian Tour, brought to Malaysia by Milestone Production, will play at Istana Budaya from Sept 4 to 13. Tickets are priced at RM568 (VVIP), RM398 (VIP), RM338 (CAT A), RM268 (CAT B), RM138 (CAT C) - (Ticket prices are inclusive of 6% GST but not inclusive of RM4 ticketing fee). Current promo up to Buy 4 Free 1 (weekend shows) and Buy 5 Free 1 (for weekday shows). 
You also stand a chance to win prizes worth up to RM100,000.00 in the Night Fever Lucky Draw. 

Book your tickets at www.milestone-production.com The event is presented by Milestone Production and supported by Malaysia Major Events, Istana Budaya, and Gold Sponsor Munchy’s. IOI Property is the Silver Sponsor and Palace Of The Golden Horses and Palace Vacation Club is the Official Hotel.

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