14 August 2015

Review: Esmeria Soothing Organics Hand & Body Cream for Sensitive Skin and Dry & Damaged Skin

The products were sent to me for review purposes

Price: RM79.90 (70ml)

- Organic Jojoba, Sunflower, Sesame Oils and Shea Butter provide deep moisturisation. 
- Ballon Vine and Aloe Vera Extracts soothe skin discomforts effectively. 
- Organic Inca Inchi Oil, rich in Omega 3, 6 and 9 strengthens the skin barrier and promotes skin recovery. 
- Salicornia Herbacea Extract improves hydration by increasing the level of natural moisturising factor in the skin. 
- Olive Leaf Extract and Natural Vitamin E act as powerful anti-oxidants to protect the skin from harmful free radicals. 

Price: RM79.90 (50ml)

- Strengthens the skin barrier and improves skin hydration by promoting the production of the skin’s natural moisturising factor (NMF) using Salicornia Herbacea Extract.
- Soothes dry, irritated skin with Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Spent Grain Wax that has proven clinical studies on its strong soothing and anti-histamine properties. 
- Organic Inca Inchi Oil with high level of Omega 3, 6 and 9, essential fatty acid that strengthens the skin barrier and promotes skin recovery. 
- Combo of Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba, Sunflower and Sesame Oils deeply moisturise the skin. 
- Ideal for maintaining healthy, youthful skin and combating signs of aging.

Good morning peeps. So who here have sensitive skin? Dry & Damaged Skin? I bet a lot of you might have one of these symptoms since we're living in a country with unstable weather. For me I have Sensitive Skin, which is caused by Eczema. I have been having skin problems since I was a kid actually, I didn't have eczema back then, but really dry and itchy skin. Mum said she didn't even see any kinds of itchy marks and that my skin was clean. LOL... Kecik-kecik dah drama lebih.

So now doctor confirmed that I have eczema which usually comes and go at various spots at my body. The latest one is at my arm which is now healing quite tremendously. The doctor said that I can't eat eggs. Puhhhh.. crazy... who cannot eat eggs right? Denial! Haha Who care's, I'm eating them anyway. HAHA Then I suffer la...

Anyways, have you ever heard of Esmeria Organics before? Well Esmeria is one of the few organic personal, skin and hair care product ranges in the world to have achieved certification by ECOCERT, which is one of the world's largest organic certification bodies. Esmeria Organics is said to create products from the most safest and purest ingredients in the world which will help to restore your skin and scalp naturally and organically.

The Soothing Hand Repair Cream for Dry & Damaged Skin I gave it to my father to try out since he has dry skin problems. It seems that he is using this daily now. The scent is not that bad for an organic product, of course you wouldn't expect a wonderful scent coming out from an organic product right? The texture is smooth and absorbs well once applied. It tends to be a bit sticky but it's okay. With it's small tube, its quite easy to carry around but my father just uses this at home. But every morning I could scent this cream on his hands before he goes to work while 'salam'. So if that's the case, its seems that this cream is working well.

The Soothing Hand & Body Cream for Sensitive Skin is what I use now when my eczema gets itchy. I don't use the cream that the doctors gave me anymore since its poison and it feels the same apply this cream and the doctors cream. So I went for a more organic solution which I could see the results are not that bad. It doesn't instantly relieves the itchy feeling but it reduces the feel to scratch. Since I'm not scratching it much, my skin is healing, which it normally does when I stop scratching. Honestly I don't use this for my body like a normal lotion, I just apply a bit at my eczema spot I have right now or any spots that are causing me itch. Cause I don't quite like the scent and it's rather sticky which I can't stand on my hands. But it makes the skin really smooth after applied.

Overall I would say, for healing purposes this product is really helpful. But if you don't have any kinds of problems I'm not sure you wouldn't like it much since it's a bit pricey for a small, but it's organic, so that explains the price, and usually good things don't come cheap. The packaging is just okay, nothing much to fancy.
For me I might be repurchasing the Sensitive Skin Cream since its working well on me, so if you have problems like me I would recommend this product. 

Till then peeps. LOL... Lot Of Love

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