19 August 2015

Review: Amy Mascara Lovely BB Cream, Friendly for Muslim Womens to Perform Prayers

This product was sent to me for review purposes
Name: Amy Mascara Lovely BB Cream
Price: RM79.90 (30ml)

9 in 1 Benefits
Whitening, Sunblock, Concealer, Skin Repair, Moisturizer, Oil Control, Makeup Base, Pore Refiner, Night Masker

Wudhuk Friendly, could be used while solat

More Info:
Facebook :  FYZA Norham Beauty Expertise
Instagram :  https://instagram.com/fyzadotcom/
Contact : 017 2101 082

Local brands have been coming out aggressively into the market lately, and now I was introduced to another local brand which is said to be equally as good as high end brands we have in the market right now. Amy Mascara offers quite a range of cosmetics which they own a counter at The Curve, Damansara and several other malls, this is quite impressing for a local brand in cosmetics which is still very new.

Their best selling product is Amy Mascara's Lovely BB Cream which is one of the first Muslim friendly products that could be used even during our prayers. Its said that this BB Cream could absorb water into the skin. This means that no more washing off your makeup before prayers which makes it easy for women that are always on the go with makeup everyday.

Below is a brief explanation about Amy Mascara Lovely BB Cream


1. Suitable for all skin types
2. Follows the blood flow 
3. KKM Approved
5. Includes SPF35 for protection from UV rays
6. Covers up blemish scars , freckles , pigmentation 
7. Non- greasy 
8. Non- patchy 
9. Does not crack 
10. Does not dry the skin
11. Creates a flawless and glowing look
12. Last up until 16 Hours used
13.  Last until 3-5 months 
14. Easy to use and carry 
15. Halal and can be used during prayers

Get rid of freckles, pigmentation, acne and scars 
Prevents whitehead / blackhead 
Brightens the skin tone 
Whitens skin, making it supple and smooth 
Moisturises , fining and shrink pores 
Makes skin looks radiant and young
Shrink acne as early as a day 
Treats dry skin

From what I see, Amy Mascara has a winning point which it is Muslim friendly for prayer purposes, its hard to get a product like that and I myself admit that sometimes I get really lazy to clean out my makeup for prayers. Maybe this is one of the reasons why this product is the best seller for this brand. More modern women tend to find more easy solutions to go through the day. Even though this product is one of a kind, it still has its pros and cons.

What I like about this product
The product itself. The scent is really good and it has great coverage. Not only does it covers well but it includes with all the goodness in one product. The texture is a bit thick which I prefer than liquid. Once swatched, you could see the difference instantly, skin is brighter and softer. No need for concealer since it already covers up my flaws so well. Since it has SPF35 already, I don't have to use any day cream and this product itself could create a really nice flawless look without the help of any other products. Its not greasy also, even under the hot sun this product does not patch. 

What I don't like about this product
The packaging is a total failure. First because it looks cheap, which basically you could see that this product is not cheap. 30ml for that price, even drug store brands provides better packaging, and this is  a product which is equal to high end brands? Second, its damn hard to get the product out. The hole for the prouct to come out is really small, and the bottle couldn't even be squeezed. I tried shaking the bottle upside down but it still didn't work because of the small hole. I just used it twice and now I feel like there is no more product left in the bottle since its so hard to get it out. I even don't get a hint how much product is left in the bottle since the bottle is not transparent.

What I doubt about this product
So I applied some of the BB Cream onto my hand and rinsed it of with water. It looks like its waterproof since I could see droplets of water on my hand. I evened tried cleaning it out with plain water but it didn't seem to clean until makeup remover is used. I'm wondering how a waterproof cream absorbs water. Even when I took my wuduk with this on, it didn't feel that fresh and the feeling wasn't pleasant at all. So I removed my makeup as usual. Maybe I'm being a little sceptical since this is something very new. I'll try this out again and see if my mind changes after that.

Overall, I would say this product is just awesome but please do something about the packaging. I'm giving out an honest review here cause I do feel the product itself is just lovely. So a big thumbs up for the product, but a thumbs down for the packaging. I'll think I'll be purchasing this again if the packaging is changed to a better one which is hassle free.

Till then peeps, LOL Lot of Love


  1. Wow. Should give this product a try next time. But I guess its not yet available here in Sabah :(

    1. Maybe try getting this once you come to KL :)

  2. Hmmm I also feel it's weird... BB cream can absorb water? I wonder what's the tech behind it


    1. I'm wondering too. I'm being so sceptical right?

  3. best nye tgk barang make up awak :)

    1. Alhamdulillah, hasil kerja keras. :)

  4. akk selalu ada masalah dgn foundation, sbb mata lebam sgt!


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