13 August 2015


Dear Scribbledydum
I feel so far away from you. It has been 4 years, reaching to 5 and there was so much change. While I was going through you, I just felt something lacking. What was it? It's like a big piece missing, an identity which was lost through time. Am I the problem? Did I change so much?

Suspened? HAHAHA

I had a chat with a blogger yesterday about my blog. She pointed out about organic posts, which actually connects a blogger to it's readers. So while I was scrolling down my blog today I kept thinking about what she said. And at the end of the day I felt that my blog wasn't as it used to be and I myself didn't feel like reading old blogposts cause all I have was just reviews and events. I deleted all my old post about my life, about how I feel, about my activities and also my love life a long time ago. Cause I feared people who don't know me will judge me because of my past.

I remembered during my early days as a blogger, I usually get up after Subuh prayers and start writing about what I feel on writing. I used to write my mood, my emotions, my feeling, my expressions and my life. Suddenly I miss that feeling, I miss letting everything out in a blogpost. I miss the part where I will sit alone and be in my world. Funny right? And at that time I didn't even knew other bloggers and bloggers community.

So what is the difference now and then you ask? Well, now I'm thinking I'm being professional by only posting blogposts about reviews and events which I found out that I made my blog more like a beauty textbook reference. LOL... (please laa... LOL is never gonna end, what's with survey's anyways. I'm old fashioned. HAHA)
I miss the old days where I enjoyed writing about my life, my friends and my activities. But thinking of now and then, I did change a lot also. During the diploma days I was really outgoing, I played around, I hung out, I did stupid things with my friends. But now I'm in my final semester for Degree and I have been quite a loner. Is this called growing up or am I just overreacting?

Anyways, enough said. I just felt like writing it all out today. I have several posts in my draft which are reviews and events which I'm suppose to post up already, but I just don't have the feel to write a review today. I'm the type where I believe sincerity is a must in writings, so kolot right? Oh well .. Hehe...

What do you think about this? Should a blog like mine be more personal or should it be more professional? What do you want to see in a blog. Let me know cause I want to improve.

Till then peeps, Lots of Love.


  1. Honestly, I think that your blog should be whatever you want it to be. If you want a mix of professional style plus personal, go for it! Do what works for you.

    1. I'm still figuring that out, I don't know what I want actually. LOL

  2. It is your blog - medium to share stories, regardless it is a personal or a professional write-ups. It is actually up to you what you want to share.
    Some love to share their personal experience so that others could learn from it, some would make it a professional platform to share with others.
    Up to you dear budak sekolah.

    1. HAHA.. itu sebab Mira tanya pendapat yang senior-senior. Maklumlah budak sekolah, kenalah sentiasa belajar improve diri. :p

  3. Alahhh babe! Don't worry. Its your blog your life. Write je anything you want. Sometimes people want to know more about you, because I do! From there we get connected and know each other better. Just don't focus to much for reviews thing like that. Just mix it up bebeh! What you feel like to share go ahead and share it! I will read it tho :)


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