24 August 2015

Kelanang Beach Banting, A Little Picnic with Friends

Its been a while since I visited the beach especially the nearest beach near my home. Kelanang is just half an hour drive from my hometown and I haven't been there since I was in school. I used to have physical training for marching competitions there, had to run from Morib to Kelanang. I missed those days where I was fit and healthy. Now I'm an unhealthy slob. Haha... So yesterday my best friends from school decided to have a picnic after so long, I don't know why, the more we grow older, the more we tend to be at home most of the time. That what me and my friends are experiencing now. How about you?

Honestly me and another two of my friends came unprepared, we planned it but we brought nothing. Cause we were prepared if someone backed out, which happens most of the time. The number one reason is most of us are busy and tired. But Husna studied in Ireland and she finally is in Malaysia after so long. I haven't met her since school eventhough we live at the same neighbourhood. So in the end Adi picked us up with her husband. Ouhh yaaa.. one of my best friends just got married this year. It feels so strange that she is already married, felt like just a while ago she started dating her husband, and that was 5 years back. 

So after we filled our belly of course the fun part begun. Taking pictures, yesss... kids these days. The older days we used to build sandcastles or dig crab holes, but now a good picture is the focus of every  activity. Maybe because photo's becomes nostalgic when times passes by. A great picture for me is a candid one, where it captures the feeling of the moment. Luckily I have friends that could deal with my camwhore obsession. Honestly I don't quite like a selfie where were obviously holding a camera. I like a picture that gives a full shot of us, believe it or not, I even brought my tripod to the beach.

This is the view of behind the scenes of a picture. Everyone had their own camera, so everyone wanted to snap a nice photo. Even though we wasted our time the whole evening just taking pictures but we surely had fun. Don't mention about the screaming and the laughing combined together. We even had time to catch up stories taking pictures together. At first when we arrived to Kelanang, the view seemed not so great. But when we started taking pictures, we couldn't stop. The view looked great.

I know I'm not sharing a lot of pictures, oh well, I prefer not to share cause not everything is for sharing. So if you guys have a catching up session to do with a group of friends, I suggest you do a little picnic at the beach and snap a few pictures. Believe me the memories will last long enough, I even managed to release all my stress and tension I've been having. Felt more alive than I have been for a while. I should get out more don't you think?
So tell me, what do you love to do when you gather with your friends?

Till then peeps

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