31 August 2015


Hey peeps, Happy Independence Day Malaysians. We are now 58 years standing alone as a democratic country. But what is happening to our country after 58 years? Are the younger generation really that grateful that Malaysia is a free country? Sorry, the picture has nothing to do with this post.

I'm from the younger generation, generation Y I suppose. I was born in 1992, 35 Years after Independence Day, which means that my father was the child just years after Merdeka. Which also means that my grandparents celebrated The National on 31st August 1957. If you think again, it hasn't been a lifetime yet Malaysia gained it's Independence but there is so much happening in our country don't you think? Well I'm not mentioning anything about politics since its a sensitive issue, just bare in mind that I hope Malaysia could reach it's glory again.

So today is Independence Day, what are you doing today? What is the true way to celebrate Independence? I've been thinking for years now every time its Independence day how should we celebrate to show we love our country, we are grateful for our country and we are proud of our country? Should we support the Independence parade, or gather together at the stroke of Midnight and light up fireworks? Honestly I haven't been to any one of those activities, so am I not being patriotic?

What is being patriotic actually? I remembered back at school during my generation, every time Independence day came we all had to bring little flags during the month of August, and after we sing our school song during the morning assembly we will wave our flages with Merdeka Songs. Those days were fun. If your in my generation, do you remember those Candy Flags? They use to sell plastic flags and Candys in the holder which was 20sens back then. School also hosted many kinds of competitions during Merdeka like Creative Merdeka Hats, Poems and etc. I won pretty much every year (bragging much.. haha) cause I loved these kinds of contests.

But does that show I'm patriotic and loving our country? Well for me being patriotic should be shown everyday. Do you think littering is being patriotic? Is that how you show your love to your country? Yet so many people do it everyday, and the worse part is drivers just happen to open the window and throw rubbish on the roads while driving without feeling bad about it. I so happen to come across people like this and its heartbreaking. Its not okay to dirty your car, but its okay to dirty your country is it? Its not just littering, how about Culture/Budaya.

"Budi Bahasa, Budaya Kita", we were taught that since we are a kid. But where did our manners go? I could see kids nowadays talking badly to the elders, and social media ain't helping also. We could see how bad mannered Malaysian people could be. We don't talk nicely anymore and our everyday lives is full of cursing. Just how many viral video showing bad mannered Malaysians this year? Countless right?

"Eh dia ni, macam bagus sangat. Kata patriotic, tapi cakap English je"

Some people say that I don't love my country cause I write in English. Some people are so sceptical with Malays conversing with English. In their mind that if we truely are Malaysians we would be proud of our National Language. Well who says I'm not proud, Bahasa Melayu was once even in the running to be The International Language. Bahasa Melayu is a symbol to our culture. That's why if I use Bahasa, I use proper Bahasa, especially when I write.

Sometimes it saddens me to see the younger generation below me conversing in Bahasa that I myself don't understand. It has somehow has been turned into another language. My Bahasa isn't that good also, I usually get my 'Tatabahasa' wrong and my idioms upside down but I will never write in a form that is so different from our original languange. I bet older generations above me know how to read and write Jawi right? Cause our language used to be written in Jawi and I'm proud that I understand Jawi. Our language did change also during the years, from Bahasa 'Baku' to Bahasa. But now the changes are getting much worse, now we have a Bahasa 'SMS'. Short forms, but these short forms are so bad, they don't shorten the word, but more like change the word to something different. And some people actually write like this for professional purposes, especially students.

Okay, I'm off the topic now. LOL.. Somehow got carried away. So think again people, how actually do we show we love our country. How do we be patriotic? Let me know what you think.

So Happy Independence day people, be grateful for what we have now 'Anak Pasca Merdeka' cause our ancestors fought blood a long time to taste what we have now. "Independence".

Till then peeps

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