10 August 2015


Hey peeps, so I have been tagged by +Mieza Everdeen to do this post, I think a month ago. LOL... But now only do I have time to write this up. So there were 11 questions given to me by Mieza and now here is my answer.

1. Choose a sport you never tried but you really wanna do it?
Skydiving! That would be really awesome, I wonder how it feels like.

2. If you're accepted into Hogwarts, which house would you be in?
Easy, RAVENCLAW. This is not my choosing of course, the sorting hat sorted me into that house. I would prefer to be a Gryffindor but it seems that I'm not brave and courageous enough. LOL
(I took multiple house test in the Internet and I still end up in Ravenclaw, have you tried POTTERMORE before?)

3. You're going to live in a jungle for one week. List 3 things you'll bring and why?
1. A Company
Honestly I'm a scardy cat. I can't be alone in places that are dark and quite, I tend to have a lot of imaginations. I might even die of heart attack. HAHA

2. Bug Repellent
I seriously don't know why bugs are so attracted to me, especially mosquitoes. I have been growing up with this problem. The people around me don't get bitten but I always do, causing me to itch like mad. Even in my own room I have to put several protections.

3. My Harry Potter Books
Since there's no Internet I need something else to keep me entertained. So reading is my 2nd thing after the Internet but since I'm gonna get stuck in the jungle for a week, I'll better get stuck with books I could read over and over again. I never get board with J.K Rowling's writing. 

4. What type of vacation you'd love?
In reality, I'll just love a low budget vacation which I have the time of my life. 
But in my dreams I want more. HAHA.. 
A first class vacation to Islands and Cites around the world with my loved ones.

5. You're given an all expense paid trip. Where to?

6. Name one skincare/supplement product you cannot live without
Right now I have none.

7. A piece of advice you'll give to anyone

8. What do you expect from a good friend?

9. Your favourite recipe/food?
Honestly I don't prefer cooking so much but I do cook, the simple things just to prevent hunger. Hehe..
But the most favourite food that I love to cook is spaghetti, Prego sauce add some mince beef and a bit of tomato puree, herbs and salt for the sauce. Then boil the spaghetti add sauce and a lot of Cheddar cheese on top. HAHA.. Favourite everrrrrrr....

10. Recommend me a book
If you love fiction and fantasy
The Trylle Series from Amanda Hocking

11. Define your character to someone who would like to know you.
My character is totally unstable. HAHA.. I sometimes feel I have two sides of me. One side where I wanna mingle, have fun, meet people and another side where I'm an introverted freak.
I sleep early and wake up early, I usually mute my phone after 10pm and read those left messages after 6am. I easily get pissed at people calling me after 12am.
People who don't know me tend to judge me, so the best to describe my character is just to know me. 

So that's all peeps, I'm suppose to tag people and create another 11 questions for them, but I'm so lazy to do so. So I end the tag just here. HAHA.. BTW thanks for the Tag Mieza.


  1. nombor 5 dengan 6 tu samaaaa! Hahaha.. SEPP!

  2. Lama dah buat tag-tag ni. macam seronok pulak. hehehe :)

  3. I'm a Slytherin! To make it official I picked up a tie and a scarf ^^ I even made my own wand when I went as a Pansy Parkinson for Halloween one year. The obsession is real, haha!

    1. LOL.. J K Rowling surely has taken over muggles


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