20 July 2015

The Bee Gees' Smash Hit, Saturday Night Fever The Musical Live in Malaysia

'The Bee Gees' Smash Hit Saturday Night Fever The Musical

Brought By: Milestone Production
Place: Istana Budaya
Duration: 4 -13 September 2015

 Promotion: Buy 4 Free 1

Ticket Prices:
RM568 (VVIP), RM398 (VIP), RM338 (CAT A), RM268 (CAT B), RM138 (CAT C) 
(Ticket prices are inclusive of 6% GST but not inclusive of RM4 ticketing fee) 


More information:
Milestone Production Facebook

Hey peeps! Selamat Hari Rayaaaaa!!! Finally I'm back after a while, so sorry my schedule is just killing me right now. Anyways, there is another Theatre from Milestone Production taking place here in Malaysia again. Wohooooo! I'm getting excited again.

The past Theatre Shows that Milestone Productions has brought in never had failed yet. All of them were entertaining and breathtaking. This time they are bringing in another musical which is gonna go live at Istana Budaya on the 4th to the 13th September. Be excited for the Saturday Night Fever!

OMG BEE GEES FANS BE MORE EXCITED!!! (Syafiq will totally love this since he is a fan)

Saturday Night Fever I bet is more popular within the elders of my generation, since this musical is adapted from the movie Saturday Night Fever that was popular in the 1970's played by John Travolta. This movie then became the definition of how music, dance and pop culture can come together. For me I'm not familiar with the movie but with Bee Gees Smash Hits included I can't wait to experience this theatre live. (Cause Syafiq is always playing Bee Gee's Song in the car, so I got addicted to their songs too). The songs sung in the movie such as Night Fever, Stayin’ Alive, How Deep is Your Love, If I Can’t Have You, Jive Talkin and More Than a Woman are surprisingly familiar with me.

Some Malaysian fans have already experienced the musical back in 2004, the Australian production made it to Istana Budaya with a sold out show. But this 2015 production will be imbued with a slight contemporary edge while retaining the film’s grittiness and realistic portrayal of the disco era and the entertainment value of its music and dance moves. 

The plot of Saturday Night Fever tells the story of Tony Manero, a young Italian-American man with a talent to dance. Played superbly by John Travolta, Tony has only one ambition, to become the disco king. When he meets Stephanie Mangano, who also dreams of a life beyond the city, they decide to train together for a dance competition. 

Saturday Night Fever showcased aspects of the music, dancing, and subculture surrounding the disco era. The success of Saturday Night Fever is also by the involvement of Bee Gees in its soundtrack, which was composed and performed primarily by the trio’s members Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. 

It would be 21 years before the movie will end up on stage, premiering at London’s West End in 1998 and New York’s Broadway in 1999. Since then, Saturday Night Fever has been seen by over 10 million people with over 2,800 shows in more than 20 countries across the globe including Italy, Argentina, Japan, Australia, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, Czech Republic and Finland. One of the longest running musical ever to date, the show continues to remain relevant in today’s modern world as it bridges the young and old with a common interest of a fantastic musical performance.

Well Milestone Theatres are usually a walk down memory lane for the elder Generation, from Jersey Boys to Thriller Live. But for me as the younger generation, this production is surely making me more interested in our late entertainment. I can't deny now that old songs seems more catchy and just makes me wanna dance to the beat. It surely did caught my interest and I'm hoping to catch more of these kinds of entertainment.

So if your from my generation and curious, well trust me, you surely would enjoy this kind of entertainment even though it's different from our one. And of course if your an elder no need to talk much if your already a Bee Gees' fan. I can't wait seriously, hurry up September!

Hence, book your tickets now, there are so many promotions to choose from, the sooner you purchase the better. Head down to their Milestone's Production Facebook or Website now to purchase a ticket.

Till then peeps
Have a great raya!

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