25 July 2015

Review: Silky Girl Matte Fever Lipcolor Balms & Magic BB Oil-Control Pure Fresh Powder

These products were sent to me for review purposes

Name: Silky Girl MATTE Fever Lipcolor Balm
Price: RM22.90 
Shades: Flame, Desire, Charm, Siren, Passion, Vogue
Ingrediants: Calendula Flower Oil, White Mulberry Extract Vitamin E

Name: Magic BB Oil-Control Pure Fresh Powder
Price: RM15.90
Shades: 02 Natural

Availability: All Major Pharmacies, Personal Care Stores, Departmental Stores

Hey peeps! So the MATTE Fever is here again? Comment below if your makeup style is Matte, cause I certainly love a Matte look. They give a nice clean and fresh look, don't you think? Anyways, today will be a review on Silky Girl's newest product, their Matte Fever Lipcolour Balm with six new shades to colour your lips. 

I received colours to spruce up my lips with Flame, Desire and Charm. Before swatched I thought the colours would not stand out much since its called a Lipcolour Balm, but then swatched, the colours are intese.

The colours are amazing, I could say I love Charm the most. It gives the lips a nice elegant professional kind of look that really makes the lips stand out. The lipcolours of course are Matte and the texture is soft.

What I love about the lip colour is its colour and how easy is it to apply nicely. With the tip like a pencil, its easy to line the lips to create the perfect lips.

What I don't much like is these lipcolours don't last very long on the lips. It tends to fade out really quick especially after eating or drinking.

If your thinking the LipColour is just that, fret not cause the bottom piece could twist and the lipstick is rather long so I think it could last long enough until you'll need to get a new one. The packaging is suitable for the price, its simple and clean. They are also are great to carry around, and I've tried putting these lipsticks in my bag all day and it didn't melt. You know some pencil lipsticks just can't stand heat.

Another product sent to me is their Pure Fresh Gel Makeup Remover. This one is the sample one I suppose but its really useful to carry along. The scent is fruity sweet, with just one swipe I could remove their Lipcoulor Balms with ease. The texture is not oily and its smooth to the skin and I feel instant freshness. I'm kinda getting addicted to the scent.

I also received their Magic BB Oil-Control Pure Fresh Powder, this is my first ever compact powder by Silky Girl so I'm not so sure about how Silky Girl compact powders are usually are.

What I could say I love about this compact powder is that it is compact, rather smaller than my usual compact powder so it fits really nicely in my small handbags without taking to much space. The powder itself is not so bad either, it covers most of my imperfections on the face. And it surely controls the oil on a hot day so my face still shine-free and Matte even after hours.
The packaging is rather bland don't you think? It doesn't catch the eye much except for the cute turquoise colour.

So overall here is a look using the Magic BB Oil-Control Pure Fresh Powder and the Matte Fever Lipcolour Balm in Charm. I have been using these Lipcolours throughout Raya and I find Charm and Desire such a charmer cause my lips look great with it. But flame might be not so suitable with me since its rather orange and my skin colour is orange enough.
Last said, I love the Lipcolours, you should consider trying one as well since the price is just nice and affordable. Ain't you curious to find your Match? I found mine already.

Till then peeps


  1. Suka yg flame tuu...tapi dia kissproof tak? Sbb aritu beli matte gak dia berminyak n cpat tggal T___T pdhal kissproof tulis situ

  2. Suka yg flame tuu...tapi dia kissproof tak? Sbb aritu beli matte gak dia berminyak n cpat tggal T___T pdhal kissproof tulis situ

  3. Nad beli delat guardian..nampak ade sale rm8 lebih je..bedak silky girl sekali free makeup remover tu..trus grab..hehhe

  4. cantik-cantik jugak semua! silky girl ni murah dan mudah didapati. tu yang suka!

  5. omg!! i love the matte lipstick <3

  6. Mmg suke matte lipstick...yat pn beli no.6 charm!!!

  7. Mmg suke matte lipstick...yat pn beli no.6 charm!!!

  8. bedak tu nampak okla kat muka u..long lasting tak?
    i tak pernah try silkygirl matte fever but i love silkygirl moisture boost a lot. Senang nak apply and colour cantik. My lips jenis yg kering, so i takut bila pakai lipstick kiss proof akan jadi lebih kering. Kering tak?

  9. i suka sangat pakai BB cream and foundation tapi I guna BB cream dari Missha sebab so far banyak juga review dari produk tu.


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