28 July 2015

Review: LANEIGE​ Water Sleeping Mask in Malaysia

LANEIGE​ Water Sleeping Mask
Price: RM115.00 (70ml)

An Intensive Moisture Sleep Mask that purifies with Sleeptox through the night, to leave the skin clear and revitalised the next morning, as if the skin too had a goo night's sleep

How to use:
1. After cleansing your face spread the mask throughout the face
2. Go to sleep after absorption without rinsing off 
3. Wash your face in the morning
Use one or twice a week

Availability: Althea Korea 
RM77 Current Promotion
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Good Morning peeps, I bet you all are familiar with Laneige right? One of the high end brands of Korea has already been in the Malaysian market for quite sometime now. I have been eyeing Laneige products for quite sometime now and finally I have my very first Laneige product thanks to AlThea Korea & The Butterfly Project.
So of course I was very excited to try this mask out since this mask / water sleeping pack has been highly recommended by a lot of bloggers and influencers.

First lets talk about the packaging, it looks elegant and fits with its price. I'm not sure if its jar is glass or plastic, it kinda looks like glass but it isn't that heavy. But still it looks expensive its suppose to have that kind of look with a price like that right?
As opened, you will find the jar sealed tightly so you know that the product is highly protected before it reaches your hand.

When opened the first thing that attracted me was the scent, it was like an instant stress reliever. The scent smells so good and relaxing because this product contains Sleepscent that helps to induce deep sleep and relaxes the body and mind.
The Laneige Water Sleeping Mask also contains Sleeptox that helps restore, repair skin damages and Moisture Wrap that acts like a porous moisture film that locks in moisture through the night.
So of course this mask is to be worn during the night since it will help you sleep better.

The texture of the sleeping mask is like a gel and really smooth. When applied you could instantly feel the watery texture and the sensation of hydration to the skin. Its not so watery, it sticks and absorbs into your skin quite fast.
So this mask is to be worn after you have cleansed your face. Apply evenly throughout your face, leave it to dry a bit and go to sleep. The next morning wash your face and feel the difference.
After almost 2 weeks trying this out I could feel a really huge difference just only about 4 times using it. My skin feels so fresh, soft and moisturised that I don't even wanna wear any other products on my face in the morning. My bare face feels so good and I get better sleep at night. My mind is more relaxed and I wake up in a good mood to start my day.

Till then peeps

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