13 July 2015

Review: Korean Brand, Faith In Face Hydrogel Facial Mask Series

This product was sent to me for review purposes 

Name: Faith in Face Hydrogel Facial Masks 
Price: RM11.90 per piece 

Lifting & Firming Mask
Vital Nourishing Mask
Soothing & Moisturizing Mask
Pore Tighteing Mask
Flash Whitening Mask

No added Paraben
No added Mineral Oil
Free from Animal Testing
Naturally Derived Ingrediants
-5 Cooling Effect
Identical Water-Oil Balance to Natural Skin

Hey peeps! This is something really amazing, honestly. The five masks I showed you above, I don't know which one to say my favourite. I honestly love all of them! These masks are a Korean Mask which has just entered the Malaysian market this year. Faith in Face masks I could say is one of the very unique masks that I have ever tried out.

First lets talk about the packaging, its the most interesting packaging for a mask I came across too. At first I thought the descriptions in the mask were all the same, but each packaging has its own story. Usually I'll skip the reading cause I'm just to lazy, but I read everything cause it was interesting. Plus the design is super vintage and cute. I bet most of you girls are going crazy because of the pink colour. Well I was amazed on how the packaging itself stands out so much. I couldn't even throw the packaging away after using it. LOL

So as you could see already, the packaging itself is already heart catching but what about the mask itself? Would it be able to capture the hearts of Malaysian women? Well by opening the mask, it was a mask for the whole face but was splitted into two, for the upper face and the lower face. From the other masks that I have tried out, this one is completely different from the usual material for a mask. The mask is more like jelly which obviously in a form of gel. 

So after trying all of these masks, I still don't know which mask I prefer the most. All masks are awesome and all scents smells amazing too. I can't even remember which scent I love the most too. The masks sticks really well, so I could still move around with the mask on my face and its comfy too. I felt an instant feel of relaxation every time  put on the mask. The cooling effect really works actually, it cools and I feel so pleasant wearing it. I even fell asleep with this mask on.

The results, I don't have to say much, its worth the money. An instant feel of hydration and freshness. Of course la for the Pore Tightning Mask and Flash Whitening Mask you wouldn't see the results instantly. I think you might have to wear it frequently to see the results. But for me I'm already satisfied with the instant results. My skin feels so much better.

Ahhh.. now I think I need to repurchase these since I need to prepare for raya. Hehe..
Till then peeps


  1. Sekali tengok macam Soap & Glory Packaging

    1. Mira tak pernah tengok la packaging Soap & Glory. Hehe.. Nanti Mira google

  2. May I know where did you buy this?


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