24 July 2015


This product was sent to me for review purposes
Hada Labo 5-IN-1 Perfect Gel
Price: RM94.90 (50g)

Usage Purpose:
Moisturizer, Essence, Mask, Makeup Base, Primer, SPF 50+ PA++++

Availability: All Major Pharmacies

Hey peeps, ever wanted a product that comes with all the goodness you need in one bottle? Sometimes putting on different products at a time is a hassle right? Well maybe the newly launched product from Hada Labo might just be your saviour.

This is also my first time trying out Hado Labo product and I have heard it to be a really famous brand in Japan. But that's in Japan, would this product be suitable for Malaysians as the difference in tempreture for both countries are really different.

So the product that was sent to me has 5 in 1 goodness to it that acts as a Moisturizer, Essence, Mask, Makeup Base and Primer that comes with sun protection of SPF 50+ PA++++. So all the goodness in 1 jar. So this product is suppose to give long lasting hydration to the skin and ensures the skin stays moisturized throughout the day. It also contains Vitamin C Derivatives that helps evens out skin tone to enhance skin fairness and prevents dark spots.  

Its texture is extremely light and non-greasy. It absorbs easily into the skin and makes skin soft. They say that this product is a gel but its more to a cream to me. It does not has a fragrance scent to it so its smells like cream (I can't figure out the words to describe) but when applied to the face the scent doesn't really smells anything at all.

I have also used this mask as a makeup base and it makes my makeup last all day. I feel completely good with this product on and I don't have to wear any other product on my face beside this one. I also like that this product is not greasy and it absorbs so quick into the skin.

What I am a bit disappointed about this product is that it looks a bit cheap for the price. A jar cost RM94.90 which is quite pricey and it isn't even in a glass jar. It looks cheap with plastic and the design isn't that eye catchy at all. At lease maybe they should have made the design look more elegant with the design printed on the jar.

Overall I just love the product inside despite for the packaging. This product surely saves me a lot of time for me to get ready in the morning. Plus it also has SPF50+ PA++++ which is the same as a sunblock, so I wouldn't worry much about my skin under the hot sun.

So if your wondering about other products of Hado Labo, there are 2 more products in the Hado Labo Perfect Gel Range which is for Hydration and Whitening. 
Had Labo's 3 in 1 Hydrating Perfect Gel functions as a moisturiser, an essence and sleeping mask while the 3 in 1 Whitening Perfect Gel is also a combination of an essence, sleeping mask and moisturizer. Both these products also range at a price of RM94.90 each.

So till then peeps. 


  1. Makin cantiklah mira.. Produk dari jenama ni memang bagus bgus.. Tengok kakak ipar pakai, cantik kulit dia

    1. Itulah, famous betul dekat jepun product ni


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